Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tech stuff?

A couple of my favoritist blogs seem to be taking a really long time to come up.

As I sit and watch the time go by, waiting, I notice there are a lot of advertisements that need to come up before the blog does.

So, the question arises in my military mind, is this slowness because of the plethora of advertisements, or has the webmaster purposefully set it up for the blog to take so long?

Don't know if it is related or not, but when I go into my email accounts, oft I am notified that it is "taking longer than usual to load, I can refresh or clean out my temporary internet files".

Criminy, this Vista set up, is not very user friendly with this old retard.

Used to be, before Vista, I could go black screen and pull up cache, and temp files, and remove them.

Not so anymore. What can I do?

"Patience", you say?!

One chaplain I worked with years ago, was fond of saying, "Patience is a virtue, seldom found in man; and never in women!"

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