Saturday, May 3, 2008

Still tireder and getting retireder...

On the radio the other day, I heard that a thirty-one year old man had confessed to raping a six year old girl.

Incredulity does not even begin to explain how I received this information.

For the past many years I have heard various people claim that you cannot legislate morality.

However, it does appear that you can legislate immorality...

The previous Surgeon General of the United States of America, proclaimed we are born sexual creatures.

Our government indoctrination stations (public schools) are hell bent on teaching the youngest children about sex, and the right way to have safe sex...because they are going to do it anyway.

The government indoctrination stations now allow planned parenthood to distribute condoms to the students.

City and state governments are debating making mandatory for girls between the ages of 10 and 20 to receive the anti human papilloma virus injection, administered in the schools.

Well, the individual is 31 years old; had to have been born in 1976 or 77. Definitely, the era dominated by free love, and get the government out of my bedroom.

No doubt in my military mind he will probably get off with a minimum sentence, if he even goes to court. We can no longer call him a pervert, because it might damage his self-esteem.


If there ever was a time to be beamed up, cuz there ain't no intellejint life on this planet, the time is now.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Truth continues to set ya free

Mostly Cajun at has a post up regarding "The Party of Lawyers".

Quite an eye opener...

Had not really thought about the depth of the lawyer community in the dem party...but I am aware that there are too many lawyers in elected positions in this country.

Add to that the idea that the biggest lobbyist community in gummint is the trial lawyers, we start to see how this country is headed in the direction it is.

Now I start to see why there is more emphasis on writing new laws rather than enforcing or deleting old laws.

Beam me up Scotty, there really is no intellijunt life on this planet.

Even so, Lord Jesus, come soon!

Truth will set you free...

The local radio station just reported on a poll done by a local university revealing 30% of residents west of the (Missouri) river, and 35% of residents east of the river believe glow bull warmen is real.

Left unsaid, is that 70% of west river, and 65% of east river do not believe glow bull warmen is real.

So, here we have a real time example of the main stream media obsession with making glow bull warmen a staple of life.

It has been shown that people do not follow statistics, per se, but instead remember what was connected with the numbers.

See, the news covers glow bull warmen, as if it is a slam dunk.

How much different the public mindset would be if the news stated the information in the positive rather than the negative.

If you tell a lie long enough and often enough people will begin to believe it.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thinkin when I don't get paid for it...

If April showers bring may flowers,
what do April and May snows bring?

The Good Word for today from Psalm 62: 5-8 (NASB).

My soul, wait in silence for God only, for my hope is from Him. He only is my rock and my salvation; my stronghold; i shall not be shaken. On God my salvation and my glory rest; the rock of my strength, my refuge is in God. Trust in Him at all times, o people; pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us. Selah.

I find it so difficult to wait in silence.

When something is not right, I usually want to let everyone know. I usually want someone to do something about it RIGHT NOW!

In this postmodern world we live in, we take very little notice of the spiritual part of our life. We lose track of that need within us to "Be still, and know that God is God".

Science, still has not been able to verify how this world came about. Science still cannot take all the various minerals, acids, and whatever, and put them together to create a living, breathing, cogitating person.

Yet, deep within each of us, is that imprint of the Creator, that reflects how we, and this world, came about.

If we cannot create another world like this one, how can we ever believe we are capable of destroying the one we are in?

Think about it for a moment...we have been testing nuclear/atomic weapons underground since the 1940s; and we have yet to destroy even the small parcel of land where we have been doing the testing.

Yes, perhaps there is more wisdom in today's Good Word, than we are generally willing to give credence.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This is A W E S O M E ! !

The Isaacs' won the Dove for Country Album of the Year (Big Sky), their first-ever win in the "Country" category.

Lily Isaacs states, "We were so thrilled and excited to win the Country Album of the Year because this was our first opportunity to stretch our wings further into the country music field, thanks to the support of Gaither Music Group and the help of Mark Bright, who is such an amazing producer in country music.

We are proud of the album and we're very humbled by the fact that our industry recognized the artistry Mark helped us create on this album. We were proud to be a part of it, let alone receive an award for it!"

From: Gaither Homecoming ( Tue 4/29/08 3:27 PM

counter transference?

The astute gang at have a cute post up from yesterday entitled "Mergers".

Who says the psyche field is too uptight to have fun?

Monday, April 28, 2008


My dad's 89th birthday will be in two weeks.

Dad was 54 when he died.

As a child, a bout with rheumatic fever left him with a heart murmur.

Shortly after accepting a commission in the US Army, in 1943 he suffered a heart attack, and spent some time in the hospital.

Because his heart problem was there before enlisting in the Army, his commission was revoked, and he was discharged with an honorable discharge.

It appears he was able to live problem free for quite a while.

In 1973 he suffered a major heart attack, and spent a week or so in the hospital. He was placed on 100% disability, for one year,due to the severity.

Around the time the year was up, he and my mother, made a trip back to their home, to visit relatives.

It was to be the first time dad had been with his mother in many years. I am told they had a really good reunion.

Within a couple of weeks after returning home, dad was hit with a massive heart attack, and was dead before he hit the ground.

Juxtaposed against this was his dad, who died at age 34, due to cancer.

Back in 1920, we didn't know much about dealing with cancer, and therefore, I am told, after much painful living, he finally succumbed to the disease.

My dad was a year and a half old.

Many today, attempt to have us believe that medical care in the US is abyssmal...

Had grandpa been living in this day and age, who knows how much longer he would have lived?

Had dad lived just a few years longer, he might have been able to take advantage of the breakthroughs in heart care.