Monday, August 9, 2010

Progressive aka regressive

I see on Facebook, an advertisement for “Balance Our Budget Now”. Haven’t we gone beyond that expression yet?

The current administration has deftly increased our budget deficit into trillions of dollars; trillions! Yeah, it would be nice to balance the budget. When we exercise the platitude of “Balance Our Budget Now!” we are actually playing into the Marxist/Leninist/liberal playbook. Balance the budget is actually political speak that means nothing more than, increase taxes, and reduce individual wealth. In truth, we have been raising taxes, and inventing new taxes; and yet, the deficit continues to run us deeper and deeper into national debt.

I truly wonder how many of us are really adamant about balancing the budget! How much are we really willing to give up? At what point, will we cry foul, in watching more money being taken from our income in the name of social improvement?

In Oakland, CA the police department is all but shut down, no funding. In another town, the three public libraries are being shut down, and planning on a huge book sale. In my own city, of Sioux Falls, SD, we are seeing reductions in street maintenance (pot holes, widening, snow removal, etc. Yet, we have a scenic “Sculpture Walk”, which I am sure was instituted, and maintained with public funds; we are debating an events center, which for sure will include public funds, and most likely additional taxes.

Nobody wants to talk about it, but we have a sinister system sucking money like a vacuum gone crazy. Sosh Security, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment compensation, welfare: every gummint instituted program for social purposes is another example of refusing to balance the budget. In fact, every gummint instituted social program is just another way of saying redistribution of wealth. Anyone with any sense of understanding, should go and read the Communist Manifesto. See how it calls for gummint programs to redistribute wealth. Then listen to this administration talk about how the wealthy are taking money away from the poor. There was a time in this country, when gummint didn’t have its hands in so many pies, and pockets of those willing to work to better themselves and their living environment.

We can balance the budget, but are willing to give up allowing gummint to dictate our lives and make us pay for things we don’t need, but are nice to have to make us look “progressive”?

We the people have been blessed by God Almighty with the right to the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness, yet, our liberty, our life and our happiness is currently in great danger. Wake up America!