Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cognition n re-cognition

I have just finished reading Winterflight, Joseph Bayly, Word Books Publisher, Waco, TX, 1981. I was drawn back to the book by the events of today, primarily having to do with the “Obamacare” debacle.

The story is of an extended family consisting of husband and wife, their daughter and her husband and son. Involved in the story is 1) state run health care, 2) genetic disposition, and 3) senior citizens. The story takes place in the United States. At the time of the story, nationalized health care has been the law of the land for about ten years.

Due to the success of the state run health care, there are no invalid people. Every citizen is healthy, and productive members of society. We got to this point by ensuring that everybody was healthy to begin with. Families could only have one child, and pregnant women were required to have pre-natal medical care; which firstly consisted of checking the fetus for any congenital markers. Should a fetus be found with the any markers, the fetus was to be aborted immediately.

On the other side of the equation, when an individual reached the age of seventy-five, they would receive a letter notifying them of their termination date; which was generally within three months of their birthday.

Instrumental in maintaining a healthy society was the Center for Life Support Systems; commonly referred to by the people as “Thanotels” and more descriptively as “organ factories”. In the event that prenatal screening did not locate suspect markers, and the child later came down with some life threatening malady, the state would require the parents to take the child to the Center for Life Support Systems. Upon entering the thanotel, the child would be put on life support equipment, and a part of the brain would be destroyed. Then the child’s body would be able to be sustained for a number of years, and replacement parts could then be harvested to place someone else back into a productive status in society.

You prolly gonna say, that would never happen here in the United States, but my military mind tells me, if someone could think it up, or even contemplate the possibility, it could very well happen. When the citizenry gives the gummint the power to make decisions on what a healthy society looks like, anything is possible. It is not out of the question, nor reality that we could reach this position.

For over thirty years now, abortion has been the “law” of the land. Gummint supported and gummint financed. During the most recent presidential campaign, we were treated to one candidate’s ability to amass millions of dollars by suing hospitals, HMO’s and health insurance companies for birth defects in children, supposedly caused by errors in the hospital. Look at all the money that would have been saved, simply by aborting the child before birth, and avoiding the follow on malady.

We have a president who campaigned on the slogan of “hope and change”. Apparently our country was not right, and change was needed. Today, his highest priority is nationalizing health care. Rush has said, and I totally agree, that we don’t spend any health care money on healthy people. Stands to reason, no? So, in the scheme of things, if we are gonna reduce health care costs, what do we gotta do? Ahhh, get rid of unhealthy people, yeah?

Somebody once said, be careful of what you hope for, cuz you just might get it.