Saturday, March 29, 2008

When Mama(cita) ain't happy, ain't nobody happy

Mamacita at comes through, again, with another hot post "Another Mean Post. Stand Back".

What's there not to love about a woman who speaks her mind?

Love ya, kid and thanx.


When your burden gets heavy
with your soul burdened down;
reach out to Jesus,
He will always be found.

Seek not your own wisdom,
to be one with the sages;
but anchor your soul
in the Rock of Ages.

Your strength, and salvation,
lie in quietness and rest;
in the midst of life's chaos
you may be peaceably blessed.

When the storm rages round you
til its too hard to stand;
reach out to Jesus,
grasp His saving right hand.

When your burden gets heavy
and unbearable, at length;
the Cross is much lighter
when borne in His strength.

Yes, when your burden gets heavy
and drags you down to the ground;
you can reach out to Jesus,
He still longs to be found.

Whodo u identify with?

Dr. Helen has come up with another good post at regarding Blogger Identification.

I really appreciate Dr. Helen, and her blog.

Friday, March 28, 2008

1 hour, 1 night

Didn't get to listen to all of Rush today, but I do get his daily update and I found an interesting item there.

Make Sure to Turn on All of Your Lights on Saturday Night, America!

The hyperlink takes you to the Aussie newspaper proclaiming worldwide submission to the gods of global warming.

Go ahead and read it...

Then join us in turning on all your lights for one hour, one night.

Think about it...

Some years ago, I don't rightly remember if I heard this somewhere, or if it just kinda formulated in my own military mind; perhaps it was after my second divorce.

Love is blind...

Marriage is an institution...

Therefore, if you marry for love,

you have joined an institution for the blind.

Thinking about a vacation?

In the event the old adage is true that two heads are better than one, the crew at definitely demonstrate they can exponentially increase the benefit.


They have located the ultimate vacation...

Especially for that special someone who has everything they need.

When you go to the full story, you quickly find you can purchase gift certificates for your friends...

What nicer way can you think of to say, "Remember me forerver!"

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Global warming update...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Woke up this morning to a heavy layer of snow on the ground and the patio.

Yesterday's prognostication was anywhere up to eight inches by the time it b done...

The trees have been budding, and makes a person wonder how this is gonna affect the trees and flowers and grass. It ain't nice to fool mother nature.

Methinks there is not a lot that is more beautiful than a morning with pristine, unadulterated white snow across the landscape. Even the fir trees are "frosted" with snow, to add to the beauty and wonderment.

God is so good! No matter what may be going on in our life, there always seems to be something in God's awesome creation that brings beauty into the surroundings. And I am blessed to be able to sit here and look out the patio doors and watch the snow coming down, and see the beauty of God's creation.

So much for the global warming update...

May your life be filled with the beauty and wonder and grace and special peace that God gives to His creation.

Peace on earth, good will to men...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

mind wandering

Have the people of the United States of America lost their moral compass?

Early in the history of the USA, Christians formed universities to train people to be ministers of the gospel. Nearly every university had a cross on the highest located spire.

An earlier minister, made a statement along the lines of:

In the beginning, universities had a cross on the highest point of their buildings to show the direction the training was oriented toward. Today, it seems those crosses have been replaced by weather vanes, that also reflects the direction the training is oriented toward.

The laws of this country were originally predicated on the Mosaic Law. Today, we find the courts outlawing the Ten Commandments; the basis for our system of laws.

Early on in the establishing of this great country, Christians, formed hospitals, for the purpose of isolating the ill, and increasing the possibility of recovering and living a lengthy life. For the first time in recorded history the life expectancy in this country far exceeded any other country. The infant death rate was reduced considerably. Today, we have the term "iatrogenic", to identify diseases caused by the doctor. Perhaps not so much by the doctor, but the atmosphere of the "clinical" setting. I am continually amazed to find out someone went into the hospital with severe flu symptoms, or pneumonia and while there contracted a staph infection. Which could not be brought unter control and the person died.

According to the current news outlets, Chrisianity, and to some extent, Judaism is a threat to life and liberty. For too many years now, God and Jesus Christ have found their main usage as cursing, and epithets.

Well, where is this leading us?

When we erase the Judeo and Christian reality of this country, we leave ourself open to whatever other belief system may be available. It is impossible to live in a moral vacuum. It just cannot be done. So, when we drop the laws because we can no longer accept the Mosaic Law, then we get anarchy, and, well, there cannot be any crime if there are no laws defining crime. Is that really what we want for this country?

back in southern South Dakota

Latest report is we should be getting up to four inches or more of snow by tonite.

Would this go under the heading of March going out like a lion?

Of course, we still have five more days til the end of March, but who's counting?

R U listening?

The guys over at have come up with an outstanding representation of the three stages of a man's life...

I can truly say, I resemble that remark...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Just completed a survey from PollingPoint that was interested primarily in how I saw the three presidential candidates.

The email invitation to participate indicated there are professors from twenty-one universities tracking the information.

The poll was also pretty heavily oriented toward supporting the mainstream news media.

Oh, well, as long as they aske me to participate, I will; and will comment as I see fit.

If you are interested in participating, you can contact:

Monday, March 24, 2008

Is Therapy the New 21st Century "Punishment?"

Dr. Helen at has again come up with an interesting post.

In response to her post, I made the following comment:

Sadly, this is not a twenty-first century phenomenon...we can go back to the seventies when the military was dealing with troops returning from Vietnam with drug problems.It was pretty much understood that drug problems were forced on people, and the individual really had no chance of not getting involved. Rather than court-martial and kick them out of the service, regardless of whether they served in Vietnam or not, it was decided to send them into rehab with the possibility of turning them around and placing them back in the ranks.

Too many of them were not returned to active duty, but were given a general discharge, that did not infer any laws having been broken.

So, we must be seeing some evolutionary progression here, but I just don't see it...

It is commonly understood that the field of psychology is humanistic in reference. It was Christians who originally established prisons for the benefit of rehabilitating criminals and returning them to society as contributors.

We don't have to look far to learn that prisons are "dehumanizing" and do nothing to rehabilitate criminals. Sadly, we have lost the Christian perspective, and have allowed our penal institutions to become holding pens, for those we do not want living next door to us.

The "human" thing to do for these criminals would be to not incarcerate them, but to place them in therapy, because therapists, without the benefit of God or Scripture are better able to place the person's life in perspective.

So, why don't we all just get in a circle, for a group hug, and sing Kumbaya, until all the world is at peace. There really is no evil in the world, only misdirected people who believe there are immutable laws.

Not alone

Rachel at has climbed up on the top of the world.

To my military mind, I understand her completely. I have not had the privilege of watching one leave to military service, and perhaps to a foreign land. I have myself left and been where Rupert is.

Thank you Rachel for sharing your heart, I know it took some effort. Please know that you are not alone...

Day after Easter

Well, it is Monday, yesterday was Easter Sunday.

As I look out the patio door, I can see the sun is shining brightly, nary a cloud in the sky, and the birds are chirping {singing?}.

Easter presents us with the understanding of new life. Most of the snow is gone now, I guess I could say that is a new beginning.

The earth and the world are rejoicing in the newness of life, and I wonder, do we take the time from our feasting on Easter dinner, hunting hidden eggs, and consuming chocolate to see if our own life is recognizing a new beginning?

What would that mean, to see a new beginning in my life?

Many of us, during the month, or final weeks, of December spend a considerable amount of time producing a list of resolutions aimed at our life making a difference in the new year. Sadly, many of these resolutions are forgotten by the second week of the new year.

In the Christian tradition, the forty day period leading up to Easter is a time to refrain from something that is prime in our life. We do this in the hope of finding a reason to no longer place the emphasis on that something that we had previously. In the scheme of things, this would allow us to recognize how much benefit we have received from that something in the past, and whether it is still beneficial.

See how that would bring a sense of a new beginning to our life?

We could either recognize the something is still mostly beneficial to us, and continue with a renewed sense of why it is important. On the other hand, we might recognize that it really is no longer a benefit, and has become a liability; to which end we could willingly give it up, knowing we really will not be missing it.

Once again, we see the new beginning.

My wish is that each of us, would be able on this one day of the year, to recognize in our own life, a new beginning, and look forward to tomorrow as the first day of the rest of our life.