Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Interesting words from morning devotional reading

“The King [shall] say unto them on his right hand, Come then. . .shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me.” (Matthew 25:34, 41)

The existence of an objectively real right and left, with some men separated for eternal life on the right while their fellow man are set apart on the left for everlasting destruction, once was considered only a metaphor of speech. But that is not so. It is a fact.

Certain molecules exist in two forms, one being the mirror image of the other, which means they are related like a left hand and a right hand. If I hold my left hand to a mirror, what I appear to see in the mirror is a right hand. So it is with these molecules called isomers. Proteins are exclusively composed of L- (left-handed) amino acids. This is regarded as a unique characteristic of life -- that is, life as we know it, in a fallen creation. The whole purpose of life is to pass from the left, the sinful state to which we belong by nature, to the right, the place of grace. D- amino acids (those of the right hand) are never found in proteins, but in antibiotics which save endangered life.

There exists a right and a left not only in living matter. In 1957, the particle physicists discovered a basic asymmetry in the matter out of which our part of the universe is composed. Electrons emitted during the beta decay of radioactive nuclei such as cobalt 60 are predominantly left-handed. Their particle spin is coupled to their momentum like a left-handed screw. The positron is right-handed.

Nature makes an absolute distinction between right and left, just as there is an absolute distinction between the sons of light and those of darkness. Through repentance the latter can change to the former during their short life span on earth. Those remaining on the left will go to the lake of fire. Time is running out. Hurry!

Reaching Toward The Heights, Richard Wurmbrand, Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, MI, 1977, Mar 24

So easily, today, we forget what we knew yesterday. Richard Wurmbrand was a political prisoner of the Communists. His first book, that brought him into the forefront of our understanding was titled, Tortured for Christ. It is probably out of print, now, but it should be required reading for everyone who was born and raised in this country. Unfortunately, we do not understand political oppression, and with so many, today, crying out for gummint to have total control of our lives and livelihood, it is refreshing to read again, what a political prisoner had to say about being against the gummint cuz he believed in God.