Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cogitation regurgitated

As I go through my days, I find I do a lot of cogitating. With 68 years behind me, I find I have a lot of memories to facilitate any cogitation. I have thought a lot regarding our current state of affairs. What I don’t understand, is how the people of the greatest nation history has ever known find themselves disheartened about their present and future. I recall, having an ice box, and meeting the ice man when he brought ice for the ice box. We didn’t have a refrigerator, cuz they were still relatively new, and only owned by the well to do. Well, today, we not only have a fridge that makes ice, but will serve water also. I recall a box on the wall, that had an earphone connected by a wire, a mouthpiece you spoke into, and a hand crank on the side that would summon an operator to connect your call. We had a party line, which means other people were connected to the line; each of us had a distinct number of rings to identify a call for us. It was understood, that others could listen in on your call. Today, I have a cell phone that fits in my pocket, and for the most part, when it rings no one else can pick up the call. Today, I find government lackeys relishing the idea of listening in on my calls to see what I am saying. As a kid, I would receive a weekly allowance, on Saturday, of fifty cents. That fifty cents would allow me to have a soda at the drug store, buy a comic book, and some bubble gum. Double Bubble bubble gum cost one penny for two pieces of gum. Alternately, that same fifty cents would get me into the Ritz theater on Broadway plus popcorn (or a hot dog) and a drink. If I was not in the mood for movies, I could get into the skating rink and skate for hours. As I think about the visit to the theater on Saturday, I recall seeing about a half-hour of cartoons, followed by “Victory At Sea” short films of what our Navy was doing during the war. This was usually followed by a news reel. Then we got to see a couple of films, usually cowboy and indian. Now, I go to the theater, watch one movie, and out the door. I remember watching Kruschev tell the world that Communism would bury the United States. Now, I find elected officials in our state, city, county and federal administrations doing all they can to fulfill Kruschev’s promise. I remember when the doctor would make house calls. In fact, when my sister nearly died from the croup, the doctor was already there, checking up on her when she stopped breathing. He was able to start working on her while we waited for the ambulance. My guess is, had he not been there, she would not have made it to the hospital other than dead on arrival. Today, I find it difficult to understand people saying we do not have the greatest medical care in the world. Funny how people from all over the world come here for surgery and other medical care, they cannot get in their own country. Now, I hear the veteran’s hospitals can keep people waiting for care for up to months at time. I recognize one of the key problems our medical system struggles with is government intervention. Well, I continue to cogitate, I see things I do not understand, and things I wish were different, but I suppose what is happening in our country is a part of progression. I am truly saddened to see how elected officials are striving to destroy us. May God have mercy on us, one and all.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Give Me a Break

Supposing, A&E hired the Robertson family with the intent of having a "reality show" that showcased "the dregs of society" who maintained they were Christian, and lived their life according to Biblical standards, for the express purpose of highlighting the bufoonery of being Christian. Reality shows have definitely become the go-to offering from cable. Immediately I think of another reality show that is to premier in January, "Hollywood Hillbillies". It does seem to me, that TV producers are interested in showcasing the fringe of America, as a way to ridicule those of us who stand by absolutes, and "archaic" mores. Supposing, the followership of Duck Dynasty turned out to be not what the A&E intelligentsia thought they were going to get. Not to mention the sponsors of the show turned out to not have the mindset A&E were looking for. Look around, the commercialization of Duck Dynasty is centered around the Robertson family, not A&E. Now, in the aftermath of sidelining the patriarch of the family, A&E is finding the sponsors are supporting him rather than A&E. Think about the outpouring of support for Mr. Robertson against A&E: Facebook has now removed posts supporting him. Their really is an attack on morality, and what this country was founded on. Being a Bible believing person, I believe in the concept of evil. All throughout the history of mankind, ever since the fall recorded in Genesis, there has been evil permeating life. Scripture informs us the Prince of this world is dead set against God, and will do anything to turn humanity away from God. According to the Biblical model, death and illness comes from evil, more than from God. Innocent people die, not because God calls them away, but because evil permeates our world. The USA was founded by Christians, believing they were following Scripture, to implement a country with freedoms not known by any other country, or people. Since our founding, evil has been seeking to undermine every freedom we have secured. Today, our government subsidizes the killing of people, who are made in the image of God, through abortion on demand. Evil is removing our freedoms through individuals who ardently, vociferously speak out against God and Christian values. There is an old axiom, that you never realize what you have until it is gone. When the USA falls to the reign of evil through ignorant voters, and there is no longer a land of the brave and home of the free, we will definitely realize what oppression is. The moniker "we have nothing to fear, but fear itself" is another route to ignorance. We truly have ignorance, and evil to fear. To not do so will eventually be our downfall.

Friday, July 26, 2013

How magnanimous

Well, Drudge is reporting that students identifying themselves as republicans, and tea party people, were refused admittance to Obama's speech. Seems there was some concern about Obama's safety; didn't matter that they had tickets. First of all, what problem(s) could they possibly pose? I have never, never, ever learned of a republican wearing a suicide vest and blowing people up. Nor have I been privy to information regarding a republican going into a crowded place and shooting people. Yeah, I know...the template says, if you are for smaller government, less taxation, love your freedom and liberty, you are a threat to "progressivism". We fought a war with the king of England in order to enjoy the freedom of owning property, being able to keep what we earn, living without fear of "government" oppression, and being able to believe in God, the Creator, and Sustainer. The government is afraid of us? Good. That is what freedom is all about.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


It just dawned on me. Tax the wealthy is poli~tic speech for tax the working person. In the eyes of a socialist, a person who is working is can that be?? Well, if you are working you are earning money, and if you are earning money, you are wealthy. So, come the first of the year, 2013, there is going to be a huge tax increase on earnings. It isn't fair for someone to be earning money, when the gummint cannot earn any. Gummints have money only by taking it away from citizens who are able to work and earn money. The basis of the true United States of America, is the right to own property, and to do with that property as you see fit. Socialism, and communism, take away any, and all, rights to private property. You only get to have what elite let you have. Sadly, 47% of the citizens in the US of A are not working and earning a pay check, but are instead waiting on the elites of the ruling class to give them what they need. Contrary to what talking heads are putting out...Socialism is not Santa Claus... although there is evidence that it is: He sees you when your sleepin, he knows when you're awake; he knows if you been bad or good, so, be good for goodness' sake. Oh, you better watch out, you better not shout, you better not cry I'm tellin you why. Oh, yeah..."We have seen the enemy, and he is us!"

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Saw a side ad on FB that said “is America worse since Obama presidency?” I would think America is no worse, it is still America...however, life here is a little different than perhaps many of us remember from years gone by. I guess there is something to be said for progress, but I wonder how much we have lost. It seems we have sold our souls for a lot of glitter. It is probably good to remember that everything that glitters is not gold. Just like Esau, we have sold our birthright for a mess of porridge; well maybe not porridge. We can no longer consider this country to be the shining light on the hill. Why, even illegal Mexicans are running back across the border to Mexico. There was a time, in this country, when we as a people, trusted in God, and depended on Him for daily strength and sustenance. Those days were hard was scarce, jobs were scarce, people depended upon God to brings in good crops, and to keep critters healthy until they could be slaughtered. To a large degree, God is now only the start of an expletive. If it is true that every time we speak the name of Jesus, or God, we are speaking a prayer, what does that say about our prayers? When we call upon God to damn something or someone, is it any wonder that so much of our world is going to hell in a handbasket? It is so true that we have lost our bearings, and our marbles. I truly am not surprised there is so much support for any belief that goes against belief in God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. No, we are no longer a shining light on the hill...sadly, the darkness is growing around, and within us. We are oh so carefully and craftily extinguishing our light and our life. When there is no United States of America, where will we find ourselves?

Monday, June 4, 2012

Any intelligent life here?

I seem to remember, back in my youth, a news item on TV that had Russian Prime Minister Kruschev yelling that the USSR would bury the USA. I recall, that I thought they didn’t have a chance in hell of getting us. Perhaps not by attacking our soil, or outmaneuvering our military. Yet, here we are fifty some years later, a half a century later, and we have a department of homeland security. Not to mention a list of czars hand picked by our duly elected president. Back before the Berlin Wall came down, we citizens of the USA heard news reports of Russia’s Homeland, and their Homeland Security. History is replete with references to Ceaser, Kaiser, Tsar, Tzar, Czar. And now, we have them in our government. Seems I remember every government associated with the names, was a totalitarian government. A centralized government, if you will. Places where the citizenry had no say in what happened with the country, nation, city or state. Places where citizens would snitch on their neighbors and countrymen, perhaps for reward money, or to keep the authorities away from them. One of my favorite books in the 70s was titled The Persecutor, by Sergei Kourdakov. It told the story of a family in Russia, where the father had been arrested by the state, and the mother and son were left to eke out an existence on their own. Except, women were usually not hired, and especially women whose husbands had been arrested by the state. It told of a young boy, who could not go to school, could not get a job, and subsisted by eating whatever garbage he might find, and occasionally stealing something from a merchant. Exacerbating the whole situation, was the fact that if neighbors (perhaps the ones that had informed on the father) attempted to give nurture or food to the family, they stood the chance of being arrested as accomplices. Who’da ever thunk, that in 2012, here in the United States of America, a president would implement a web site on the internet, where citizens could go straight to the administration to report their neighbors comments, or activities!?! Well, it has been sed, you never know/appreciate what you have until it is gone. Once the home of the brave, and the land of the free is gone, it will never be returned.

Monday, March 5, 2012


Dear ProFlowers,

Please remove my name and all information regarding me from your data base; this should include your affiliates also, Cherry Moon Farms, Red Envelope, Shari’s Berries, and Personal Creations.

Also, please remove names and information regarding all persons I have made purchases for.

I find it kind of absurd that Rush Limbaugh has probably been the best advertisement you have ever had. I was prompted to make purchases through you, by Rush’s recommendation. I have been very happy with the products purchased from you. But, as you have intimated, there is a time when affiliations must come to an end.

I truly hope that the people who have been most vocal for you to censure Rush, have also been instrumental in purchasing goods from you.

Thank you.