Sunday, August 16, 2015

them was the days

When I was young the days were fun and filled with things to do. The terrible words, “you’ve been grounded” were the worst words ever sounded cuz that was when I knew. The great outdoors so big and wide was lost, cuz I was stuck inside I couldn’t wait for it to be through. The only punishment worse than this was having to baby-sit my sis if you’ve been there, you know its true. Life was different way back then kids weren’t collared, or in a pen the great outdoors held lots to do. We’d hunt for arrowheads on some hill and laugh each time our bike would spill those were the days in which I grew. When I was young the days were fun and filled with many things to do.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Naggin at my noggin

OK, let me think about this for a minute. So, a number of “scientists” , who are vegetarians/vegans, tell the world that meat is bad for people’s health. If we want to live longer we need to stop eating meat. In the back of my mind, I am thinking, cattle and chickens eat only vegetables, they have never been known to be carnivorous, at least as far as I know. Then, in another part of the back of my mind I think, vegetables for the most part do not grow wild...first of all, they need fertilization to blossom. Well, where does fertilization come from? Generally, mammals, so, if you are a totally devout can you eat veggies that have been fertilized by mammal waste? Of course, there is now the advent of scientifically generated fertilizer that has the propensity of bringing forth bigger and better veggies, but that begs the question, “Is genetically modified food better for us?” Of course, there was a time when we didn’t hear so much outcry about food being bad for us; but that was before the government started giving out money for scientists to chase after pipe dreams. That brings us back to the adage, “follow the money”. I suppose this probably stands true for global warming/climate change, also. Not to mention urban sprawl. So, we labor to earn a living, while giving part of our wages to people who are elected to make financial decisions based on what is important to them, rather than the common good. And speaking of the common good, “common core” seems to have generated some intense emotions across the sphere. There was a time when “school” related to the three r’s readin, riten, and rithmatic. You know, 1 + 1 = 2, 2 X 2 = 4, 4 / 4 = 1? The ugly truth is, part of the mass exodus from the old world to the new world had to do with individuals being able to make the best of their life. Schools were set up to teach children a common language, to recognize the letters and put them together to make words and to understand the words. It is difficult for us, in this day and age, to realize there was a time when only the wealthy, and titled, were able to read and write. The masses were illiterate and ignorant, they did what they were told to or died. This new world turned the old ways upside down. And now, we are once again faced with the “elite” attempting to place the masses back where they belong. Never thought you would see the day where parents would be considered outlaws for teaching their children to read and write? Well, welcome to the new, new world. Sadly, those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to relive it.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Mother's Day remembered

May 10, 1998 TITLE: Mother: God’s love with skin on TEXT: More than one INTRODUCTION In her book, Stick a Geranium in your hat and be happy, Barbara Johnson, uses the line: “If it was going to be easy to raise kids, it never would have started with something called labor”. She agrees that motherhood is a labor of love. Then, she reminisces about a story she came across. “It seems an angel slipped out of heaven and spent the day roaming around the earth. As the sun was setting, he decided to take along some mementos of his visit. He noticed some lovely roses in a flower garden, plucked the rarest and most beautiful, and made a bouquet to take back to heaven. Looking on a bit farther, he saw a beautiful little baby smiling into its mother’s face. The baby’s smile was even prettier than the bouquet of roses, so he took that, too. He was about to leave when he saw the mother’s love pouring out like a gushing river toward the little baby in the cradle, and he said to himself, ‘Oh, that mother’s love is the prettiest thing I have seen on earth; I will carry that, too’. He winged his way back to heaven, but just outside the pearly gates he decided to examine his mementos to see how well they had made the trip. The flowers had withered, the baby’s smile had faded, but the mother’s love was still there in all it warmth and beauty. He discarded the withered flowers and the faded smile, gathered all the hosts of heaven around him, and said, ‘Here’s the only thing I found on earth that would keep its beauty all the way to heaven – it is a mother’s love.’” Which caused me to see a mother as, God’s love with skin on. BODY A. Psalm 131:2 (Surely I have composed and quieted my soul; like a weaned child rests against his mother, my soul is like a weaned child within me.) The Psalmist speaks here, of his trust in the LORD. The best example David could find, to demonstrate what he felt when he trusted in God; was the idea of a weaned child at its mother’s breast. Anyone who has been around a small child that has not been weaned and is being nursed, knows that when you hold a baby with its head near your chest, the baby will push against you, and may get agitated if it isn’t able to receive nourishment. A weaned child, on the other hand, can rest in its mother’s arms, with its head on her chest, and not have to search for nourishment. Nothing is as peaceful as being held, by a mother. Psychology tells us that a person who is deeply disturbed, or troubled, may rock back and forth to overcome the distress. This is attributed to an innate memory of a mother rocking a small child, especially in times of trouble. In Deuteronomy 33:26, Moses tells the Israelites: “The Eternal God is a dwelling place, and underneath are the everlasting arms.” What better place could there be to live, than in a pair of arms? Isn’t it exciting that God put our arms in such a place that whenever we hold something precious, it is held close to our heart? Moses has given us a perfect impression of the love of God, “the Everlasting arms”. What child is not at peace when mom is holding it? In verse 28, Moses goes on to say” “So Israel dwells in security.” Do you remember how secure you felt during a storm, or when something was going on that you did not understand, to crawl into bed beside mom, and have her wrap her arms around you? B. 1 Kings 3:16-26 In this passage of Scripture, we are treated to the heart of God that is implanted in mothers. Two women were fighting over a child, and each claimed the child was hers. Of course, without a birth certificate, it would have been pretty difficult to identify who the child really belonged to. The writer of this story, is quick to tell us that both women were prostitutes: which tells us that neither woman had a living relationship with God. We are led to believe, today, that prostitutes do not want to have any children. Back in those days, prostitutes were outcasts from society, and had no chance of ever having a solid family life, or anything they could call their own. A son would at least give them something to put their hope in. Could this be a key to understanding the teen pregnancy crisis our country is faced with today? We have effectively taken God out of the school, out of the work place, and even out of the home. So many, today, have nothing to hang their hope on. Especially those young people that grew up without parental closeness, who may be desiring to have a child that they can love the way they had not been loved. Solomon’s way of uncovering the mystery of who the child really belonged to, was to offer to divide the child in half, then each woman would have half of a dead child. Neither one would have a child to hang any hopes on. The real mother refused to allow the child to be cut in half. In spite of her sinful life, the real mother refused to allow the child to be killed. How like God, who does not want anyone to be taken from Him, or killed to satisfy some fanciful right. John 3:16 tells us, “God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.” It is God’s love for us, that caused Him to do something to save our lives; our spiritual lives. If we could only see how much it hurts God to see any of His creation die separated from Him, we would understand the urgency of Christ’s command to go and teach, and save souls. C. Matthew 23:37 and Luke 13:34 Both passage have Jesus saying” “How often I wanted to gather your children together, just as a hen gathers her brood under her wings”. When children have had a bad day, when their world seems to be coming down around their heads, mom’s sheltering arms, are the sure fix, for whatever is wrong. Whenever a child gets hurt, the greatest medicine they can receive is mom, holding them and speaking softly to them. So often, mom is our first line of defense. When someone is after us, it is always great to have mom on our side. Dad generally has the responsibility of making sure that the family has food; but it is mom who insures that everyone is fed properly. D. One last illustration should help us to see mother as God’s love with skin on. Scripture tells us that Jesus has sat down at the right hand of God; and that He ever lives to make intercession for us. It has been a topic of conversation for many years, especially among people who have been spiritual giants; that their mother had prayed for them fervently. Many have said; “Had it not been for a godly mother faithfully praying for them, they would have been lost for eternity”. Many of us have heard testimonies by aged grandmothers who have prayed for one of their children that they eventually gave their heart to the LORD. CLOSING In closing, I want to read an article dated 1946: My last night at home was a sad one. Mother wetted my face with her tears all night, with the one message, “Our last night. You are going to a land called the grave of the white man. This is your funeral.” She went down into the valley that night, came up with the vision, bade farewell with a glorified face, the only person that did not weep. Her only girl had been held loosely until the test came. Mother won out. Three years later I was on my deathbed. That terrible water fever was claiming me. Only a few hours to live was the announcement. Fever over 105. Won’t go down. Hemorrhages of the kidneys persistent. Vitality gone. Had but one occupation, praying for mother. Suddenly fell asleep, glad to go to be with Jesus. But woke up, free from the awful pain and burning fever, normal. Nurse flew into a panic. Drop to normal too sudden. Coma! Soon lapsed into sleep again, supposed to be the last one. But woke up normal and stayed normal, and was up at my work again within a two week period. Clearly a miracle! Two months later a letter came from home, but this was not from my mother. They had carried her out. She died in an agony of prayer for her only girl the same hour in Chicago, in which the girl, 10,000 miles away, had come back to life again. Letters took two months from Chicago to our station. There was no means of cabling in that day. But the heavenly wireless was even then in fullest operation. The burden fell upon her. She fought the fight for my life, not knowing why. She had reckoned with the Eternal and so I live today. Alma E Doering I began this message with a quote from a book by Barbara Johnson; I would like to close with a poem that Barbara has on the last page. Don’t despair so of your children, God will bring them to the fold – Because He died to save them They’re special to the LORD. He know how much you love them, He loves them even more. As long as you hold on in prayer, He’ll not close the door. Even now He sees your tears, And He whispers tenderly, Of love that conquered all – That all men might be free. So lay them at His altar, Let go and leave them there – God will be faithful to your trust, He won’t withhold His care . His hand will ever nurture, No matter where they roam – And He won’t be satisfied ‘Til He sees them safely home. – Joyce Henning You see, mother is God’s love with skin on, because mother lives close to God, depends totally on God, and is obedient to God and God’s Word. And mother won’t be satisfied till all her children are safely home!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Cogitating while masticating

So, this morning over breakfast, I am cogitating about anything, everything, nothing; and the thought occurs to me.

Christianity highlights the ultimate location of seeing and being with Jesus throughout eternity. And being gathered with many who are like minded, and love God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. With each one having a mansion in which to spend eternity. With the greatest blessing being to worship at the feet of God the Father and Jesus the Christ. Nothing is said about interpersonal relationships with others. Women and men will be on equal footing spending eternity knowing they are with the Creator, and Sustainer of all life.

Looking in another direction, I understand Islam teaches that women and children are property and subservient to men. It highlights the ultimate location of men who are faithful spending eternity with many virgins. Sadly, I guess that doesn’t say much for the women; if they are not virgins, what happens to them at death? And, I guess, what kind of an eternity is that to look forward to, for a woman?

So, Jesus came to reclaim fallen mankind, forgive sin, and lead us into a peace that passes all understanding, and a freedom that the soul desires and clamors for. What kind of peace and freedom can there be in people being subservient to someone? I guess, being born in the land of the free and the home of the brave has given me a jaundiced picture of life. Almost no where else on earth, or in the history of mankind have so many been so free, so, available to be all they can be. And yet, there are people who clamor to be subservient to someone else. People who are willing to give up all their power, and ability, to be told what to do, where to go, how to do it, how to get there, by someone else.

As the song goes, you can take everything, just give me Jesus. I would rather trust and depend on the Creator and Sustainer of all that is known, than any created being. No, I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

More Cognitive Disonance

OK, so, through the night, my mind seemed to work on something, that was evident when I awoke this morning. Two disparate thoughts seemed to meld together, that I ordinarily would not have considered.
On the radio, here locally, there has been an advertisement for a fund raiser, that highlights country singer Mark Chesnut coming to town. The ad includes a short from one of his records entitled “Bubba Shot The Jukebox, Last Night”. So, I guess this little ditty was percolating around in my mind when I went to bed last night. Huh, Bubba shot the a way, that is funny, pretty funny. Good entertainment, no? However, in today’s politically correct atmosphere, a message comes through pretty loud and clear. Bubba shot the jukebox!
Who is Bubba? Well, thanks to Hollywood, we know who Bubba is. The movie “Forrest Gump” shows us a pretty definitive example of who Bubba is. He is basically low intelligence, got his mind on one thing and one thing only. He is a southern hick hell bent on making a fortune someday. Bubba is enthused about entering the military, and sees it as being a stepping stone to realizing his dream.
 Excuse me for being confused, but in the movie, Bubba is an “African-American”. All the stereotypes from down the ages are complete in this one person. Think about it, in Vietnam, Bubba gets shot, who picks him up and runs with him to safety? Why it’s a white guy. It is the white guy who in the end is able to realize the affluent lifestyle poor ole Bubba dreamed of. Can I say how surprised I am that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have not led a crusade to denigrate this movie?
Enter, now, the thought “Bubba shot the jukebox”. He didn’t shoot it a look. He shot it with a .45. And why would he do such a thing? The song made him cry. Ah, what a convenient picture of a hayseed hick, sitting around drinking in his favorite watering hole, and getting upset over a song and shooting the jukebox. Yeah, I thought so. Bitter clingers...clinging to their guns and religion. Hayseed hicks who have no respect for the law. Hayseed hicks who carry armed weapons. Hayseed hicks who turn to violence when they’re not happy, when the world is not going their way. It appears there is no real reason for anyone to want to own a gun, much less carry it around unless they are a social misfit. Yeah, right, a Bubba. A bitter clinger. Face it, if you own a gun, and perhaps carry one for personal protection, you are only a moment away from pulling out the gun and shooting something or someone just because you are a social misfit.
Watch the current movies that show guns being used all the time. Funny, the actors who represent the most “shoot em up” persona, appear to be the ones who are the most vocal about “gun control”. Said actors would not be caught carrying a weapon in public, but they are willing to hire bodyguards to carry the loaded weapons to protect them.
Okay, Scotty, beam me up, there ain’t no intellejunt life on this planet!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


So, I am sitting here, cogitating, as I am oft wont to do, and my mind wanders back to the days of yesteryear - as Billy Joel might say "when I wore a younger man's clothes". It is true that my mind has a tendency to wander where it might want to go; so, here goes. Back before my time, and perhaps up until I was able to cognitively understand what was going on around me, when a person told on someone else to an authority figure they were considered to "squeal" or they were a "rat" or a "fink". In some regards there were also "rat finks". Then, during the time when a pay phone cost a dime to make a local call, the term "dropping a dime" was used. During my years in the Marine Corps, around the Vietnam time, a new phrase was coined "Narc". Though its use began in the drug culture referring to "narcotics" and the authorities making arrests, it soon became the go-to phrase for anyone tattling on someone. Well, today, I am pretty much out of touch with popular culture. Thus I am able to title my blog "Tired n retired retard". I am no longer aware of what term is used for tattling. For all practical purposes there may not even be one anymore, in this "politically correct" atmosphere we now live in. Come to think of it, I can see how calling someone a term referring to their propensity to tattle on someone, to come under the heading of "bullying". Oh, that's right, recently we used the term "whistle blower", I think until "Wikileaks" came along. So, I suppose that is enough cogitating for the time being. My mind seems to have tired of wandering, so, I'm gonna put this to bed.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cogitation regurgitated

As I go through my days, I find I do a lot of cogitating. With 68 years behind me, I find I have a lot of memories to facilitate any cogitation. I have thought a lot regarding our current state of affairs. What I don’t understand, is how the people of the greatest nation history has ever known find themselves disheartened about their present and future. I recall, having an ice box, and meeting the ice man when he brought ice for the ice box. We didn’t have a refrigerator, cuz they were still relatively new, and only owned by the well to do. Well, today, we not only have a fridge that makes ice, but will serve water also. I recall a box on the wall, that had an earphone connected by a wire, a mouthpiece you spoke into, and a hand crank on the side that would summon an operator to connect your call. We had a party line, which means other people were connected to the line; each of us had a distinct number of rings to identify a call for us. It was understood, that others could listen in on your call. Today, I have a cell phone that fits in my pocket, and for the most part, when it rings no one else can pick up the call. Today, I find government lackeys relishing the idea of listening in on my calls to see what I am saying. As a kid, I would receive a weekly allowance, on Saturday, of fifty cents. That fifty cents would allow me to have a soda at the drug store, buy a comic book, and some bubble gum. Double Bubble bubble gum cost one penny for two pieces of gum. Alternately, that same fifty cents would get me into the Ritz theater on Broadway plus popcorn (or a hot dog) and a drink. If I was not in the mood for movies, I could get into the skating rink and skate for hours. As I think about the visit to the theater on Saturday, I recall seeing about a half-hour of cartoons, followed by “Victory At Sea” short films of what our Navy was doing during the war. This was usually followed by a news reel. Then we got to see a couple of films, usually cowboy and indian. Now, I go to the theater, watch one movie, and out the door. I remember watching Kruschev tell the world that Communism would bury the United States. Now, I find elected officials in our state, city, county and federal administrations doing all they can to fulfill Kruschev’s promise. I remember when the doctor would make house calls. In fact, when my sister nearly died from the croup, the doctor was already there, checking up on her when she stopped breathing. He was able to start working on her while we waited for the ambulance. My guess is, had he not been there, she would not have made it to the hospital other than dead on arrival. Today, I find it difficult to understand people saying we do not have the greatest medical care in the world. Funny how people from all over the world come here for surgery and other medical care, they cannot get in their own country. Now, I hear the veteran’s hospitals can keep people waiting for care for up to months at time. I recognize one of the key problems our medical system struggles with is government intervention. Well, I continue to cogitate, I see things I do not understand, and things I wish were different, but I suppose what is happening in our country is a part of progression. I am truly saddened to see how elected officials are striving to destroy us. May God have mercy on us, one and all.