Saturday, December 13, 2008

A teachable moment

A Teachable Moment: An Open Letter to The Onion is quite an open letter to the satirists...

Think about it...what do the average person on the street know about loyalty, and honor these days?

Our elected officials, and judges and lawyers, have forgone honor and loyalty and are hell bent to change this great nation.

Con-gress is no longer considered to be an honorable place. Our English heritage supports our addressing con-gress critters as "Honorable", yet, look at all the disreputableness of the ones sitting in the saddle.

And people have the cajones, no, I guess it isn't cajones...its just plain ignorance, and stupidity, to make fun of wounded warriors who have professed their undying support of the country and constitution that is the greatest history has ever made notice of.

We have a president elect who will shortly be taking the oath to protect and defend the people and the constitution; who was elected on the premise of changing our country.

Now, I am starting to see how it was possible for someone with no experience, but lotsa Marxist-Leninist training could be elected by a free people.

Anyway, if you have not made acquaintance with the sweet thing over at Villainous Company please make a mad dash over there and say hi, and see what she has to say.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Revisiting cognitive dissonance

Have we reached the point in history where the labor unions are to be the governing body of our country?

Seems to me when unions got their start it was to basically end a type of slave labor; what are commonly referred to as sweat shops.

The intent was to make sure employees received fair wages for their employment.

Today, we have a federal minimum wage law that sets the lowest amount an employer can pay an employee; and unbeknownst to many on the street also sets the point at which unions start for setting their wage scales.

And because the unions keep their members up in the higher pay grades, they exact higher dues, which in turn places a lot of money in the hands of union lobbyists.

As we look at the upcoming bailout for the BIG THREE automakers, we do need to keep in mind that what is eating up their capital is the unions.

That is the dirty little secret no one wants to let out.

And so, as time marches on, the con-gress critters have learned to bow to the union leaders, and we have a gigantic bailout planned so the unions can make sure they meet deadlines on employee retirements and medical plans.

You know Kruschev was right so many years ago, when he said they would bury us...can't you feel the dirt falling on your back?

There ain't a whole lot left except the shoutin.

Beam up Scotty, there really is no intelligent life on this planet!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Passing thots on the times

For some time now, I have been aware of the fact that Satan is the Prince of the Air.

Some would even say this includes up to the seventh or tenth heaven.

You know, we have been given the alarm that the ozone is being deleted, and it is all our fault.

The major flaw, in it being our fault, is that man had no hand in creating this planet, or the universe, for that matter; and I don't think, nor believe, that man is capable of doing anything to destroy it.

I have also heard Satan referred to as the Great Deceiver.

Now, as the Prince of the Air, I am convinced it is well within his powers to affect the ozone, or any part of the atmosphere.

Tradition tells us that Satan is also a tool that God uses from time to time.

Now, to my military mind, it has been pretty well established that God is going to destroy this ole world in a ball of fire; cuz He promised to never again use the flood.

So, what I see happening, is that Satan has been instrumental in causing a depletion of the ozone, and as the Great Deceiver, has imparted the understanding that we are destroying this planet, and causing the temperature to rise, perhaps causing the poles to warm up and thaw, which would cause the oceans to rise and flood the entire world.

Heh, heh, heh! Yes, fans n friends, there really are people who would embrace a lie in a moment if it was possible to have control over other's lives.

That is also a trick of Satan. He is interested in usurping God, and is permitted to speak to us his lies.

Without a complete spiritual revival among the people of this ole world, we will, soon enough, see the total destruction of all that we have been a part of.

And the subtle part of it? Without the total and complete spiritual revival, we will continue to put our trust and confidence in those who are willing to be proponents of Satan's plans.

May God have mercy on our souls, and may His day come soon.

Oh boy!

Some years ago, I was introduced to an ice cream that I had never heard of.


Are you aware of it?

I think it is just about the bestest bit of ice cream to come on the market.

Sadly, I think we only see it around Christmas time, and then not necessarily in every city or town.

Well, last nite I was in one of the local grocery stores, and just for grins n giggles, thot I would look thru the ice cream section.

Yassir ubetcha!! It was right there in the third or fourth freezer door.

Now, how much better could the Christmas season be, then to have plenty of Spumoni ice cream on hand, and have a Turduken waiting in the freezer for the chance to jump in the oven, and treat everyone?

Yup! gonna be a great time.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Katherine keeps me smilin

Special friend Katherine has posted a great post regarding Holiday Eating Tips.

If you haven't been to her site before, go now, and visit, even say hi; do not pass go, and do not collect $200.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cogitating on the commercialization of Christmas.

Christmas has the distinctive identity of being the day God humbled Himself and became in the likeness of man. Many say the greatest gift that was ever given; next to the salvation that was proffered at the Cross.

I suppose, because the Biblical narrative shows the three "wise men" bringing gifts to the baby Jesus, we have all come to see christmas as a time of giving gifts, and so often gifts of greater value.

Many people set store by sending many Christmas cards each year. OK, you send me a card this year, you get put on my list, and next year I gotta send you a card. I don't do Christmas cards, just like I don't do valentines day. I have a real problem with sending someone something only once a year.

Yeah, I take my mother out for dinner on Mother's Day, cuz I know my brother and sister will not, but you know what else? I also take her out to dinner on her birthday.

OK, guess I am getting a little sidetracked here.

I want to spend a moment or two, talking about lists, and Christmas.

There are many who say life is too short, and we should let those people we love know that we love them. I truly do not believe, nor think for one minute, that putting someone on a list shows them how much I love them.

I believe when someone is important to me, I don't need to wait until someone tells me to give them a gift. When I see something that reminds me of someone, and I truly appreciate, or love, that person, I buy it and give it to them.

So, when I get these emails, and snail mails telling me about last minute gifts for the people on my list, I usually just delete them.

And, along that line, just because I give you a gift, for whatever reason, does not necessarily mean you have to give me a gift in return. If you need to reread my priority for gift giving please do so.

And, I think, if you are truly happy about the gift God gave, are you willing to give yourself to God, as a living sacrifice?

To my military mind, when I give myself to God, totally, I find a different spirit within me regarding gift giving.

Hallmark doesn't have a corner on the market, they just borrowed an age old adage: "When you care enough to give the very best".

God gave the very best He had, when He created this world, and when He came into this world in the likeness of man: Immanuel, God with us!

Sleigh bells ring, r u listenen?

Some of the blogs I read religiously are mentioning Christmas music, specifically, Mannhiem Steamroller.

I have been a fan of MS since way back in the days of "Convoy".

Two or three years ago, I made the trek down to Omaha to see the live Christmas show. I was well pleased with every aspect of the show.

I have on occasion listened to Trans Siberian Railroad's music, and find it to be right up there with MS.

Course, I just truly enjoy listening to good Christmas music.

Yeah, I started listnen to Christmas music a coupla weeks ago, so what!

There is a reason for the season, tho sometimes totally obscurred, but I do like the Christmas season.