Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh boy!

Some years ago, I was introduced to an ice cream that I had never heard of.


Are you aware of it?

I think it is just about the bestest bit of ice cream to come on the market.

Sadly, I think we only see it around Christmas time, and then not necessarily in every city or town.

Well, last nite I was in one of the local grocery stores, and just for grins n giggles, thot I would look thru the ice cream section.

Yassir ubetcha!! It was right there in the third or fourth freezer door.

Now, how much better could the Christmas season be, then to have plenty of Spumoni ice cream on hand, and have a Turduken waiting in the freezer for the chance to jump in the oven, and treat everyone?

Yup! gonna be a great time.

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