Saturday, December 13, 2008

A teachable moment

A Teachable Moment: An Open Letter to The Onion is quite an open letter to the satirists...

Think about it...what do the average person on the street know about loyalty, and honor these days?

Our elected officials, and judges and lawyers, have forgone honor and loyalty and are hell bent to change this great nation.

Con-gress is no longer considered to be an honorable place. Our English heritage supports our addressing con-gress critters as "Honorable", yet, look at all the disreputableness of the ones sitting in the saddle.

And people have the cajones, no, I guess it isn't cajones...its just plain ignorance, and stupidity, to make fun of wounded warriors who have professed their undying support of the country and constitution that is the greatest history has ever made notice of.

We have a president elect who will shortly be taking the oath to protect and defend the people and the constitution; who was elected on the premise of changing our country.

Now, I am starting to see how it was possible for someone with no experience, but lotsa Marxist-Leninist training could be elected by a free people.

Anyway, if you have not made acquaintance with the sweet thing over at Villainous Company please make a mad dash over there and say hi, and see what she has to say.

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