Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Much Ado About Sarah

In her post "Much Ado About Sarah", Cassandra follows up on questions posed by another blogger.

The first question just begs to be looked at, and commented on.

"1. Do you think the reason [Sarah Palin] is so despised by some is that she threatens "The Elite's" control on politics?"

Whew!!! To an extent, that is an understatement.

In the past few decades, we have been treated to an understanding of how the "political class" sees the average American. "Joe six-pack", "rifle rack on the back of the pickup cab", "trailer trash". Yeah, ad infinitum.

Reading history, we find that in the middle of our war with England, there were members of the communities, here in this country, who were caught up in not fighting for independence but remaining under the rule of the king of England. AAACCCKKKKK!!!

In the Bible, we read of the people of Israel clamoring for an earthly king to rule over them. Even in that day, there were individuals who felt it was their life script to rule over others, and demand obeisance from them. Though Eli was considered to be one of the better prophets, his sons, who were to inherit his position, were not of the same cloth. It is my opinion that some people truly believe that a ruler will rule with justice and honor.

Ah, think about it...In this country we have a law that demands "truth in advertising", only it exempts political speech. So, politicians can say anything they like, and don't have to prove it: or be held accountable. Taking this a little bit farther, we find the "drive-by" media exploiting this to the max, when they make up stories to belittle, or build up candidates. Hence, the axiom, the way you can tell if a poli-tic-ian is lying, is when his/her lips are moving. How sad.

Sarah Palin speaks to the members of flyover country. She speaks the language of the founding fathers who wanted no part of aristocracy. She is real; does not need a teleprompter to tell her what to say. She speaks from the hip, and from the heart. She disdains the political class, and does what she can to undermine the old crony system of government. She doesn't need an echo chamber to stimulate audiences. She speaks what we know, and understand. she resonates with the people of flyover country who are fed up with the political class, and people doing what they want rather than what we want.

Basically, I believe the "Elite's" control on politics is being eroded by their every day existence.

In a perfect world, everyone would love God, and would respect God's creation. We can respect God's creation without taking money from each other to take care of our pet projects.

Sarah Palin believes in individual responsibility rather than government "chosen" to take care of us. I agree.