Thursday, May 15, 2008

A pause for the cause

I would like to introduce you to a great patriot.

To many, today, his name is unknown, and that is a shame!

Martin Niemoller, was a German citizen, who distinguished himself in World War I, as a U-boat pilot.

He died March 23, 1941

Martin was a preacher during the time Adolph Hitler was coming into his prime. In fact, as one of his biographers stated:

"Slowly and gradually these two achieved fame and leadership, each with a positive program for life betterment: one the Gospel and the other Hitlerism, Nazism, dubbed National Socialism.

"Both grew from seedlings into trees that shaded all of Germany's life - one in the sphere of Evangelical faith and the other in the socio-civil order.

"It was inevitable that the two should meet and in the end clash, for they were diametrically opposed one to the other

"At first Martin Niemoller looked favorably upon Hitler's economic panacea. He was faithful to Hitler's program from 1924 until his assumption of power in 1933." (Martin Niemoller, Basil Miller, Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, MI, 1942, page 77)

After Hitler came into power, a concerted effort was pursued to erase the Christian church, and replace it with a German Christian church, which effectively removed Jesus Christ, and replaced him with the Fuehrer, as the Supreme being.

Martin Niemoller fought against the socialist nature of the Fuehrer, and because he was a German war hero, Hitler found it tough going to get Martin to heel.

Eventually, Hitler did arrest Martin Niemoller and incarcerated him in a concentration camp. Later he was moved to Dachau, where he died.

I find it interesting, and informative that Hitlerism, Nazism was also called National Socialism.

Why? you ask?

Well, think about our presidential election campaign that is currently being waged.

There is a lot of noise being bandied about of establishing "socialized" medicine.

There is talk of taking away corporate profits to strengthen "social" programs.

We already have the largest part of the gummint budget going to "social" programs.

And there are way too many people that wake up each morning and face to the east and pray that gummint will do something for them.

Add to this the unquestionable immorality in the Democrat party, and their unashamed use of the Christian church as a political tool, and we can easily see the slippery slope we have placed ourself on as a country.

I anticipate it will not be long before we will see pastors in this country being arrested for preaching Christ.

It is already common knowledge that teaching children about Jesus Christ is tantamount to felonious child abuse.

Well, as one sage intimated, once, the person who will not learn from history is doomed to relive it.

Martin Niemoller was a German hero, and a Christian hero.

Long may his memory survive.

Perhaps the sign of the times?

I have mentioned many times that I am tired of this presidential campaign that has been ongoing for so damn long.

I have also mentioned that I am tireder of hearing about the candidates everywhere I look!

Now, this morning's paper has a poll asking the question: "Are you going to see a presidential candidate this week?"

At this point, 161 votes have been recorded (including mine) and 5.6% said "Yes", while 94.4% said "No".

Sounds like I am not the only one who has gotten tired of the 24/7/365 coverage and platitudnous cacophony involved with this presidential campaign.

Seems to my military mind, that sometimes the squeaky wheel does not get the grease, but instead gets the boot!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thanx to Associated Press

Well, now, ain't this purrty?

"Federal prosecutors have filed a new indictment against Barry Bonds, charging the home run king with 14 counts of lying to a grand jury and one count of obstruction when he denied knowingly using performance enhancing drugs."

"...U.S. District Judge Susan Illston ordered proisecutors on Feb. 29 to rework the indictment so that each charge alleged only one lie rather tahn lumpping several alledged falsehoods into single counts."

Are we to understand that this is what the federal gummint has come to?

Ummmmmm, is it only professional athletes that will be looked at by the federal gummint for lying, or can we be assured that even politicians will be federally indicted for lying; especially during campaign season?

Has a grand jury been called to look into Al Gore and his assertions of global warmen?

Has a grand jury been called to look into Hillary's stories of being sniped at?

Then again, I suppose the indictments are only for show; you see, we have already seen what happens with federal indictments in the case of William Jefferson Blythe Clinton. Or, perhaps, Sandy Burglar?

Well, I guess this should be filed under getting tireder and tireder...

The federal gummint in play is a direct reflection of the hearts of the people.

I guess enuff of us want to see those people with R's after their name, and professional athletes being put in their place, while the evil ones with D's after their name, and lawyers, do what they damn well please with no repercussion.

Welcome to the brave new world...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mea Culpa!

Just want to set the record straight...

I love good food...I love new recipes...I live alone, so, when I cook up something from a recipe that sounds, and looks good, I have a tendency to eat the whole thing!

Katherine at has been postin some ummmmmmm ummmmm gooooooood scrumpdillicious looken recipes.

But I haven't taken the liberty of cooken any, cause, I don't know if I can eat the whole thing.

But be assured, first chance I get to try em out, you will be the first to know how it goes.

I got a feelin heaven is gonna be a place with lotsa good food; and I am pretty sure God is a fan of cajun recipes.

Tireder of ignorance

Lo, and behold, below the fold on, is a poll that asks the question:

"Should there be a limit on the size of a landowner’s political signs?" And currently there is a 72% to 28% opinion that there should be a limit.

Let me see if I have this right.

Landowner, means the land belongs to that person; or am I missing something here?

Personal property is a mainstay of the great American dream. It is also a key ingredient in capitalism.

Newspapers and pundits love to claim the first ammendment as a way to say what they want to; whether truthful or not.

Last time, I looked, the first ammendment was all about freedom of speech.

Those who disdain this great country, and the economy we have been blessed to be a part of, would deny us the right to make known our opinions.

You know, to my military mind, the use of "eminent domain" is, in itself, a denial of one of the mainstays of freedom: the right to own property.

And telling a property (landowner) owner what they can and cannot do on their property goes against everything that is right.

LORD help us!

Taxingly tireder

This morning's paper (Argus Leader, Sioux Falls, SD) at is sporting an article that proclaims "The City Council sided with opponents of raising the second-penny sales tax who called it a hardship for the poor and middle class."

I find it applaudable that the city council would deny the city gummint a chance to raise taxes.

I do, however, think the reason for the denial was misplaced.

The reason given, is indubitably a statement in favor of class envy. Anytime we are doing something that would harm a sector of society, we are employing class envy.

How is it, we have not employed class envy tactics when we speak of oil and alternative sources of energy?

We still have elitests that pooh-pooh drilling for our own oil, and natural gas, which would definitely assist the poor and middle class.

Instead, we drive hell bent for leather into using grain for alternative fuels.

How stoopid!

Now, to my military mind, the poor and middle class have taken a direct hit; because the price of milk, bread, cereal, meat, and the items needed on a daily basis have increased, and are anticipated to increase even more, because we are paying farmers to put their grain into alternative fuels.

Somebody, somewhere, is demonstrating that they have not got the brains God gave a bent screwdriver.

Why do we not deny new taxes, or tax increases, simply because it is morally wrong?

Taxation, is still, a legal form of stealing; and stealing is WRONG!