Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thanx to Associated Press

Well, now, ain't this purrty?

"Federal prosecutors have filed a new indictment against Barry Bonds, charging the home run king with 14 counts of lying to a grand jury and one count of obstruction when he denied knowingly using performance enhancing drugs."

"...U.S. District Judge Susan Illston ordered proisecutors on Feb. 29 to rework the indictment so that each charge alleged only one lie rather tahn lumpping several alledged falsehoods into single counts."

Are we to understand that this is what the federal gummint has come to?

Ummmmmm, is it only professional athletes that will be looked at by the federal gummint for lying, or can we be assured that even politicians will be federally indicted for lying; especially during campaign season?

Has a grand jury been called to look into Al Gore and his assertions of global warmen?

Has a grand jury been called to look into Hillary's stories of being sniped at?

Then again, I suppose the indictments are only for show; you see, we have already seen what happens with federal indictments in the case of William Jefferson Blythe Clinton. Or, perhaps, Sandy Burglar?

Well, I guess this should be filed under getting tireder and tireder...

The federal gummint in play is a direct reflection of the hearts of the people.

I guess enuff of us want to see those people with R's after their name, and professional athletes being put in their place, while the evil ones with D's after their name, and lawyers, do what they damn well please with no repercussion.

Welcome to the brave new world...

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