Monday, June 28, 2010

Random thinking

So, this morning, there are two subjects on my mind that I want to explore.

First, Senator Robert Byrd, has assumed room temperature. I am one of those critters, the Democrats have identified as a terrorist. I believe in, and trust God, as the Creator, and Sustainer of ALL life. I dedicated 29 years of my life to supporting and protecting this country and what she stands for. I believe in, and trust, the Constitution of the United States. I firmly believe this great nation was founded in faith upon God’s direction. And Senator Byrd assuming room temp, has given me pause to think...sadly, this nation has become barely a shadow of her greatness. This has primarily been attributable to those “safe” seats in con-gress. Methinks, there is a serendipity in hard core con-gress critters that cannot be removed through the voter process, are being removed by Mother Nature (?), by God (?). I am also wondering whether or not the loss of Ted Kennedy and now, Robert Byrd, are a direct product of the current administration’s plan of “hope and change”. It is definitely bringing hope to many, and assuredly bringing change in the con-gress.

Second, President B. Hussein, over the weekend, indicated he had plans to reduce the national debt by 2013. How sweet, that date is a year after his first term ends. Methinks this is a trial balloon popped up to see how it looks for the 2012 national election. In other words, he cannot reduce the national debt, unless he is reelected. We have seen an enormous explosion of the national debt, just since this administration was ushered in. I think I can help him in reducing the debt. First, do away with Secret Service protection of himself and his family, and the con-gress critters, and all previous presidents. Next, he can do away with con-gress’ non-participatory retirement fund, and ensure that presidents will not receive any money once they leave office. Then, he can insure that the monetary stipend con-gress critters receive be reduced to reflect the average earnings of Americans {defined as those who live in flyover country}.

The President is supposed to be a training in the Marine Corps taught me that a leader always leads from the front. Is that really too much to ask from the President of the United States? That reminds me of another pet peeve, or burr under my saddle, and that is referring to con-gress critters as “lawmakers”. Inherent in that moniker, is the idea they must be making laws in order to be doing their jobs. How appropriate is it, that so many of these “lawmakers” have so recently been “lawbreakers”. I love it! You know, one of the traditions we have brought forward from our days in the United Kingdom, is the reference to con-gress critters as “the Honorable”; to my military mind, there is no honor in many of the things that have arisen from our elected officials in Washington. First among their crimes is the armed robbery of the citizenry of this great country.

There is a way that seems right to a man.