Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Say it ain't so

Well, shucky-durn! Anybody that did not see higher taxes coming? Well, I suspect that the people who received the “stimulus” money are not too worried about tax increases. But, how bout them folks who are about to really feel the change that is about to become reality? Reality can be a real bitch! Wanna know why they used drugs in the 60s? Drugs help color reality, so you can cope... Yeah!, right.

We apparently have some people that really believe the federal hog trough will never run out. Yeah, sock it to the rich. I for one would really like to see all the rich MFCS in Washington, DC lead from the front. They complain there are too many rich people in this country, but I don’t see any of them willing to give up their wealth and lucrative compensation.

Look at what is happening in New York City...the rich are being confiscatorily taxed...and they are running away. We have already seen the results of taxation...look at the businesses that have moved overseas. Why do you think that has happened? Not because labor is cheaper ~~ but because taxation is less.

One day, we here in America are going to wake up and find that we are no longer the land of the free and the home of the brave. When only the political class has any money, and the general public stand and wait for a little benevolence from the rulers, there is no longer any freedom. We are already hearing the political class talking about this being a nation of laws. Bull shit!!! This is a nation founded on the principle of freedom and liberty. Every time a new law is written we have lost more freedom and liberty. Don’t think so??? How about going to renew your driver’s license. We now have to show birth certificate, sosh security card, and current bills from our residence. There was a day in this country when a person could travel around without a job, and not be hassled, except when hopping rides on trains without paying. You didn’t have to have a sosh security card, or ID card, or health insurance, or life insurance, or proof of residency. And today, if you are stopped for walking along the roadway and cannot prove residency, you can be locked up for vagrancy.

I remember reading a book by a Russian named Sergei Kourdakov. In the book he told of life in Soviet Russia; life back in the 50s and early 60s. Back when they were a nation of laws, and there was no freedom or liberty. Sure, you had the freedom to stand in line for days to maybe pick up a loaf of three day old bread, but generally found out you were too late for any. He told of how neighbors feared the government, and would tell on their neighbors. Think about it...you get your neighbor locked up for something, you can pretty well help yourself to their goods. Think that could not happen here? Try this on for size...in either New York, or California, you can call the police because you can smell cigarette smoke coming from your neighbor, and the authorities will cite them...how much more will it take for the violator to be arrested? He told of how you could be arrested and incarcerated for talking against the government. So, the husband/father gets arrested for speaking against the government, and his family is shunned. They are not allowed to receive any welfare...mom cannot get a job...the children look for food wherever they can find it, and most usually get in trouble for trying to steal from vendors, which gets them locked up also.

Yeah, there is coming a day, if we don’t realize what is happening. We will no longer recognize this great nation. There will be only downcast eyes wherever you go. No one will be allowed to own property of any kind. Only the political class will have private vehicles, and homes with electricity and running water. Only the political class will have food enough. And then, and then, AND THEN, uhn uh... it will then be too late, because we, the people will no longer have a right to vote, or have any say in how we are governed/ruled. I gave 29 years of my life to protect this way of life, where we the people have a say in our governing...how it breaks my heart to find there are so many people who think there is a better way of living.

The human soul longs for freedom...when freedom is gone, the soul is crushed. May God have mercy on our souls.