Thursday, April 15, 2010


As Yakov Smirnoff might say, "Gee, is this a great country, or what?"

The last coupla days, I have heard a commercial on the radio by a woman named Vivian Moreno. She was bragging how she has helped hundreds of her neighbors receive thousands of dollars in "earned income credit". She really believes she is doing good in helping others realize the American dream through redistribution of wealth. C'mon, give me a annual income is less than $50,000, yet, I continue to pay more and more taxes.

Think about it: my tax sheltered annuity is taxed at about 27%...ain't that a kick in the pants! And, sosh security is taxed at about 17%. Who woulda ever thunk we would be paying taxes on money that was a tax in the first place.

Ok, I get it...only specific individuals in this life are eligible to have any amount of money...if you ain't one of the elite, then screw you, charly! There are a bunch of young people in this country that really believe they will be able to amass wealth, and live better than their parents did. Well, maybe if they don't work, and make babies, they can have it all.

Earned income credit...don't make no money, you still can soak the earners, cuz you can get more money refunded than you have made all year. Give me a break!

Yeah, we seem to rapidly be coming to a crossroad...either this country is gonna wake up, and stop the pilfering, and placating, or we are gonna continue to slip into a country of slaves, where the elite tell us where to go, what to do, when to do it, and that we can't cuz we ain't got enuff money.