Wednesday, September 3, 2014

More Cognitive Disonance

OK, so, through the night, my mind seemed to work on something, that was evident when I awoke this morning. Two disparate thoughts seemed to meld together, that I ordinarily would not have considered.
On the radio, here locally, there has been an advertisement for a fund raiser, that highlights country singer Mark Chesnut coming to town. The ad includes a short from one of his records entitled “Bubba Shot The Jukebox, Last Night”. So, I guess this little ditty was percolating around in my mind when I went to bed last night. Huh, Bubba shot the a way, that is funny, pretty funny. Good entertainment, no? However, in today’s politically correct atmosphere, a message comes through pretty loud and clear. Bubba shot the jukebox!
Who is Bubba? Well, thanks to Hollywood, we know who Bubba is. The movie “Forrest Gump” shows us a pretty definitive example of who Bubba is. He is basically low intelligence, got his mind on one thing and one thing only. He is a southern hick hell bent on making a fortune someday. Bubba is enthused about entering the military, and sees it as being a stepping stone to realizing his dream.
 Excuse me for being confused, but in the movie, Bubba is an “African-American”. All the stereotypes from down the ages are complete in this one person. Think about it, in Vietnam, Bubba gets shot, who picks him up and runs with him to safety? Why it’s a white guy. It is the white guy who in the end is able to realize the affluent lifestyle poor ole Bubba dreamed of. Can I say how surprised I am that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have not led a crusade to denigrate this movie?
Enter, now, the thought “Bubba shot the jukebox”. He didn’t shoot it a look. He shot it with a .45. And why would he do such a thing? The song made him cry. Ah, what a convenient picture of a hayseed hick, sitting around drinking in his favorite watering hole, and getting upset over a song and shooting the jukebox. Yeah, I thought so. Bitter clingers...clinging to their guns and religion. Hayseed hicks who have no respect for the law. Hayseed hicks who carry armed weapons. Hayseed hicks who turn to violence when they’re not happy, when the world is not going their way. It appears there is no real reason for anyone to want to own a gun, much less carry it around unless they are a social misfit. Yeah, right, a Bubba. A bitter clinger. Face it, if you own a gun, and perhaps carry one for personal protection, you are only a moment away from pulling out the gun and shooting something or someone just because you are a social misfit.
Watch the current movies that show guns being used all the time. Funny, the actors who represent the most “shoot em up” persona, appear to be the ones who are the most vocal about “gun control”. Said actors would not be caught carrying a weapon in public, but they are willing to hire bodyguards to carry the loaded weapons to protect them.
Okay, Scotty, beam me up, there ain’t no intellejunt life on this planet!