Monday, June 14, 2010


Say them over again to me, wonderful words of life
words of love and beauty,
words of life and duty, beautiful words,
wonderful words, wonderful words of life.
It is true...words do have meaning.
It is also true, that words can have multiple meanings, tho the most common use of a word, is generally what the connotation carries.
Politicians are good to remind us that there are "nuances". Yeah, turning words to mean what you want them to mean to fit the moment.
I think a case in point is the Democrats desire to no longer be called the Democrat party, but the Democratic party. In the past couple of decades, they have proven that there is nothing "democratic" about them. Hasn't someone said that a lie told enough times, and over a length of time, begins to take on the mantle of truth? What does this mean practically? Well, if we conservatives follow along and refer to them as the democratic party, we are in essence saying that they are better than us, and their ideas are "progressively" better than ours. In doing so, we proudly sound the death knell of any political ideology other than theirs.
Another way to dupe the common person, is to talk about tax cuts for the "working" people. It is no secret that the Democrat party is part and parcel bought out by the unions. To us, "working" people are the ones that get up every day and go to work, to try and better their lot, and move up in the world. The people who are honest, pay their taxes, mind their own business, help out their neighbors when they can; to the Democrats, "working" people are the union people. Think I am blowing smoke? Look at the "minimum wage" issue. Democrats tell us this is so the "working" people can take care of their families...and how does the minimum wage affect the "working" people? Well, primarily it helps unions to set their wage scale. Entry level wage is set at a percentage above "minimum wage", this gives the incentive for people to sign up with the unions, rather than working in a non union position.
I have often heard it asked, if you are invited to play poker, you understand there are certain rules that are inherent. But, if the dealer says those rules are non existent, we are playing with the rules that I determine are important at the time, your wining hand, could be a loser, just because the dealer doesn't want you to win. For instance, it is quite understood that being dealt a face card and an ace is automatically blackjack, or twenty-one. Now, the dealer could easily say, that is no longer true, that face card and ace only come up to eleven points, do you want to stand or take a hit? Again, the dealer could say, face cards are no longer ten points a piece, but are relative to their place in the deck. A jack would be eleven points, queen would be twelve and king would be thirteen.
I guess, what I am trying to say, here, is that there must be absolutes. Yes, in the color spectrum there is black and white, and in between different shades. That goes for the world of color. In the world of words, and ideas, there must be an anchor point where understanding stands premier...
I guess another pricking point in my skin is the idea that the Democrat party is identified with the color blue, while the Republican party is identified with red. I am reminded of the brouhaha over teachers using red pens/pencils to grade students papers; or how people are affected by seeing red fire trucks, or red lights on the roofs of emergency vehicles. Have we not been told that red is identified with fear? I am probably a lot older, but I well remember the old saying I'd rather be dead than red. And now, the Republican party is branded with the color red, bringing with it all the baggage it can carry. I guess I would like to see the Republican, well, maybe the conservative Republican candidates, start using the colors "red, white and blue" rather than accepting the standard that we are red. Methinks, those of us, here, in flyover country would gravitate toward the red, white and blue colors for a candidate rather than plain blue or red; let's start using some of the "nuance" of color, to identify us.
Many will probably say, it is too late to try and make ourselves over...truth be told, we ain't making ourselves over, we are establishing who we really are, irrelevant of what the lame/main/drive by media wants us to be. Let's stop talking about welfare, and minimum wage, let's get off Roe v wade, let's get on with what is rock bottom true with the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. We were founded as a land of liberty and freedom...freedom to do, and to be the best we can be. Heh, heh, "vegetarian, is an old Indian word meaning non-hunter". The carrot that was hit by a truck along the road, and after three hours in OR was determined it would live but would be a vegetable the rest of its life.
Isn't it time, we stood up for what is right, what is right in this country, what is right for this country? We don't need to make ourselves over, we need only to stand up for who we are, and what we stand for.
America!, America!, God shed His grace on thee.
Say them over again to me, wonderful words of life.