Sunday, December 14, 2008

U had ta a been there...

Well, the area is under a major winter storm, situation; blizzard conditions. Looking out the window, the wind is blowing prolly about 30 or more mph, snow is trying to come down, but is caught by the wind.

The grassy area outside my apartment is clear in the open area, and the protected area is still snow covered.

Ah, good day to just stay in and read a good book, or add something to the blog.

A retired minister, his wife and I have kinda gotten into a routine where we go to Cracker Barrell on Friday night to partake of their fish dish: cod or catfish, and two sides.

Anyhooo, about a month ago, we were in CB for our weekly feed, when I happened to walk past six women seated at a table just inside the dining area door.

My minister friend had said something and one of the women thot that I had said "ho, ho, ho!", and stopped me.

One of the other women in the group also works at the school bus place, and she said hi to me.

Well, the conversation quickly deteriorated as the first lady mentioned that she thought I looked like Santa, and asked if I had a santa suit; to which I replied, "no".

Move forward a couple of weeks, and again we are at CB for our weekly fare, and all six women are again there, and we begin intercoursing.

The woman who had stopped me before, said that it would be fun, if I had a santa suit, and came in on a Friday nite; she said, she would even sit on my knee and tell me if she had been good or bad, and what she wanted for Christmas.

Well, I now have a santa suit, and I did wear it to CB last Friday nite.

It was a hoot!

The children were excited...none were invited to sit on my lap, but I stopped at their table and spoke with them.

One little girl kept turning around to look at me with lotsa smiles.

A man, about my age, sat down at the table next to us, and asked me why I wasn't back working on the toys.

So, we ate our dinner, I had catfish with fries and okra, thank you!

My retired minister friend, thot it would be nice if I had some candy, to go around and give to the kids.

He went out to the sales area, and came back with some bags of candy cane sticks. I informed him that the sticks were not individually wrapped and that parents would probably not allow their children to accept them.

He had been talking to the assistant manager on duty, and the guy gave him three boxes of individually wrapped candy cane balls.

So, santa went around to all the tables, and handed out the candy, and wished everyone a Merry Christmas.

Wouldn't you know it, the older adults were the ones who appreciated the gesture the most, and almost every one of them told me how good they have been this past year.

Did I mention that the six women whose idea this was, never showed up?

Oh, well, best laid plans of mice and men...