Friday, July 26, 2013

How magnanimous

Well, Drudge is reporting that students identifying themselves as republicans, and tea party people, were refused admittance to Obama's speech. Seems there was some concern about Obama's safety; didn't matter that they had tickets. First of all, what problem(s) could they possibly pose? I have never, never, ever learned of a republican wearing a suicide vest and blowing people up. Nor have I been privy to information regarding a republican going into a crowded place and shooting people. Yeah, I know...the template says, if you are for smaller government, less taxation, love your freedom and liberty, you are a threat to "progressivism". We fought a war with the king of England in order to enjoy the freedom of owning property, being able to keep what we earn, living without fear of "government" oppression, and being able to believe in God, the Creator, and Sustainer. The government is afraid of us? Good. That is what freedom is all about.