Thursday, July 23, 2009


For some time now, I have noticed vehicles {mostly gummint ones} with a bumper sticker that says: “ERACISM”. I guess, there was something in me that thought this was something to do with bad English. Then I guess, I came to realize that it was someone’s bright idea of contracting two words “ERASE RACISM” into one word.

Talk about cognitive dissonance…we have gummint workers brandishing “ERASE RACISM” bumper stickers, and a gummint that continually markets racism. Methinks these are the same moonbats who propose “ENVISION PEACE”, “MAKE PEACE NOT WAR”, “WORLD PEACE, WE CAN DO IT”. Feel good platitudes that have no place in reality. Reality is a hard taskmaster. Back in the 60s and 70s it was not uncommon to hear someone proclaim, “Drugs are for people who can’t handle reality”. YUP!!! Pipe dreams. Hmmm, haven’t heard that in a while.

By the way, am I the only person who remembers the call to “get the gummint out of my bedroom”? Sheeeshhhh! Now forty years later, these same reality drop-outs, moonbats, are running the gummint, and everything they preached against back then, they are implementing now. Sometimes, I wish they would have dropped acid, and dropped completely off the face of the earth…OH!!! I guess that makes me guilty of being hateful. Now, we get off another tangent, because my military mind asks me, if wanting this country to be like it was when I was growing up is demonstrative of being a hate monger.

Perhaps that is why the gummint has branded us conservative, veterans, Christians as domestic terrorists; just because we don’t want to give up our liberty and freedom, we are deemed a threat to the gummint that has evolved.

Well, God’s Word tells us that love overcomes a multitude of sins, and fear. As the moonbat’s key spokesman, John Lennon has said, “IMAGINE”; and from that we have “imagine peace”, “imagine world peace”, “imagine peace in your time”, “imagine living together in peace”. So, I wonder what this world would be like if we imagined every person 1) loving God, 2) loving their neighbor as theirself, and 3) loving theirself.

When we truly love God, we have no need to fear Him, and when we no longer fear Him, we find peace between ourself and God. Hmmmmm, imagine that.

When we truly love our self, we have no need to fear what we may do or say; because truly loving our self, we can trust that we will do what is right, and therein lies the peace that will permeate our being. Hmmmmmm, imagine that.

When we truly love our neighbor, we have no need to fear him or her, because this is love that one would lay down his or her life for another. Culminating in peace with God, myself, and my neighbor. Hmmmmm, imagine that.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Praise where praise is due

I asked Jesus if He’d make me whole,
and He reached out and mended my soul;
I asked Him to help me along,
and He gave me a special song;
I asked Him each day for things so small,
and Jesus said, “Terry, I want you to have it all”.

I cried out, “This me just won’t do“,
And Jesus said, “I’ve made all things new”;
I complained and cried, and cried,
and Jesus said, “For those tears I died”.

I told Him, “I’m tired of being so strong”,
He answered, “I know, I’ve held you up all along”;
I cried deep within my being,
and shuddered at all I was seeing.

Then Jesus told me not to grieve,
to accept His gift, and then believe.
So, I raised His name in song and praise,
and saw His grace light up my days;
I’m truly thankful for what He’s done,
and I’ll strive to keep Him Number One.

A matter of perspective

In search of happiness we find
that happiness lies within our mind.
In search of patience we soon learn,
we cannot watch a candle burn.

And peace is just an elusive dream,
beyond our grasp, so it would seem.
Yet, love, we think we know the best
as that which beats inside our breast.

Its oh so hard to understand
that these all come from the Father’s hand.


Once more the sun burns to its towering height
Eating away the dark shrouds of night.
Giving vent to the warm rays of light
Illuminating this world so brilliantly bright.
Reflecting off majestic birds in flight,
Representing spectacular universal might.
Erasing all semblance of humanly fright
Allowing to the knowledge of heaven’s delight;
Compared to the universe, its merely a bite
Never changing ~~ not even a mite.
Appearing only to rest sometime at night.
Giving the feeling of being polite
Showing the way of the pilgrim’s plight
Restoring the light that helps our sight.
Giving off the warmth that draws our skin tight
And heals the flowers of cold’s crisp blight.
Yet oft times appears so trite
And eventually shows that all is aright.