Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Once more the sun burns to its towering height
Eating away the dark shrouds of night.
Giving vent to the warm rays of light
Illuminating this world so brilliantly bright.
Reflecting off majestic birds in flight,
Representing spectacular universal might.
Erasing all semblance of humanly fright
Allowing to the knowledge of heaven’s delight;
Compared to the universe, its merely a bite
Never changing ~~ not even a mite.
Appearing only to rest sometime at night.
Giving the feeling of being polite
Showing the way of the pilgrim’s plight
Restoring the light that helps our sight.
Giving off the warmth that draws our skin tight
And heals the flowers of cold’s crisp blight.
Yet oft times appears so trite
And eventually shows that all is aright.

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