Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Praise where praise is due

I asked Jesus if He’d make me whole,
and He reached out and mended my soul;
I asked Him to help me along,
and He gave me a special song;
I asked Him each day for things so small,
and Jesus said, “Terry, I want you to have it all”.

I cried out, “This me just won’t do“,
And Jesus said, “I’ve made all things new”;
I complained and cried, and cried,
and Jesus said, “For those tears I died”.

I told Him, “I’m tired of being so strong”,
He answered, “I know, I’ve held you up all along”;
I cried deep within my being,
and shuddered at all I was seeing.

Then Jesus told me not to grieve,
to accept His gift, and then believe.
So, I raised His name in song and praise,
and saw His grace light up my days;
I’m truly thankful for what He’s done,
and I’ll strive to keep Him Number One.

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