Thursday, May 15, 2008

A pause for the cause

I would like to introduce you to a great patriot.

To many, today, his name is unknown, and that is a shame!

Martin Niemoller, was a German citizen, who distinguished himself in World War I, as a U-boat pilot.

He died March 23, 1941

Martin was a preacher during the time Adolph Hitler was coming into his prime. In fact, as one of his biographers stated:

"Slowly and gradually these two achieved fame and leadership, each with a positive program for life betterment: one the Gospel and the other Hitlerism, Nazism, dubbed National Socialism.

"Both grew from seedlings into trees that shaded all of Germany's life - one in the sphere of Evangelical faith and the other in the socio-civil order.

"It was inevitable that the two should meet and in the end clash, for they were diametrically opposed one to the other

"At first Martin Niemoller looked favorably upon Hitler's economic panacea. He was faithful to Hitler's program from 1924 until his assumption of power in 1933." (Martin Niemoller, Basil Miller, Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, MI, 1942, page 77)

After Hitler came into power, a concerted effort was pursued to erase the Christian church, and replace it with a German Christian church, which effectively removed Jesus Christ, and replaced him with the Fuehrer, as the Supreme being.

Martin Niemoller fought against the socialist nature of the Fuehrer, and because he was a German war hero, Hitler found it tough going to get Martin to heel.

Eventually, Hitler did arrest Martin Niemoller and incarcerated him in a concentration camp. Later he was moved to Dachau, where he died.

I find it interesting, and informative that Hitlerism, Nazism was also called National Socialism.

Why? you ask?

Well, think about our presidential election campaign that is currently being waged.

There is a lot of noise being bandied about of establishing "socialized" medicine.

There is talk of taking away corporate profits to strengthen "social" programs.

We already have the largest part of the gummint budget going to "social" programs.

And there are way too many people that wake up each morning and face to the east and pray that gummint will do something for them.

Add to this the unquestionable immorality in the Democrat party, and their unashamed use of the Christian church as a political tool, and we can easily see the slippery slope we have placed ourself on as a country.

I anticipate it will not be long before we will see pastors in this country being arrested for preaching Christ.

It is already common knowledge that teaching children about Jesus Christ is tantamount to felonious child abuse.

Well, as one sage intimated, once, the person who will not learn from history is doomed to relive it.

Martin Niemoller was a German hero, and a Christian hero.

Long may his memory survive.

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