Thursday, December 11, 2008

Revisiting cognitive dissonance

Have we reached the point in history where the labor unions are to be the governing body of our country?

Seems to me when unions got their start it was to basically end a type of slave labor; what are commonly referred to as sweat shops.

The intent was to make sure employees received fair wages for their employment.

Today, we have a federal minimum wage law that sets the lowest amount an employer can pay an employee; and unbeknownst to many on the street also sets the point at which unions start for setting their wage scales.

And because the unions keep their members up in the higher pay grades, they exact higher dues, which in turn places a lot of money in the hands of union lobbyists.

As we look at the upcoming bailout for the BIG THREE automakers, we do need to keep in mind that what is eating up their capital is the unions.

That is the dirty little secret no one wants to let out.

And so, as time marches on, the con-gress critters have learned to bow to the union leaders, and we have a gigantic bailout planned so the unions can make sure they meet deadlines on employee retirements and medical plans.

You know Kruschev was right so many years ago, when he said they would bury us...can't you feel the dirt falling on your back?

There ain't a whole lot left except the shoutin.

Beam up Scotty, there really is no intelligent life on this planet!

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