Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Passing thots on the times

For some time now, I have been aware of the fact that Satan is the Prince of the Air.

Some would even say this includes up to the seventh or tenth heaven.

You know, we have been given the alarm that the ozone is being deleted, and it is all our fault.

The major flaw, in it being our fault, is that man had no hand in creating this planet, or the universe, for that matter; and I don't think, nor believe, that man is capable of doing anything to destroy it.

I have also heard Satan referred to as the Great Deceiver.

Now, as the Prince of the Air, I am convinced it is well within his powers to affect the ozone, or any part of the atmosphere.

Tradition tells us that Satan is also a tool that God uses from time to time.

Now, to my military mind, it has been pretty well established that God is going to destroy this ole world in a ball of fire; cuz He promised to never again use the flood.

So, what I see happening, is that Satan has been instrumental in causing a depletion of the ozone, and as the Great Deceiver, has imparted the understanding that we are destroying this planet, and causing the temperature to rise, perhaps causing the poles to warm up and thaw, which would cause the oceans to rise and flood the entire world.

Heh, heh, heh! Yes, fans n friends, there really are people who would embrace a lie in a moment if it was possible to have control over other's lives.

That is also a trick of Satan. He is interested in usurping God, and is permitted to speak to us his lies.

Without a complete spiritual revival among the people of this ole world, we will, soon enough, see the total destruction of all that we have been a part of.

And the subtle part of it? Without the total and complete spiritual revival, we will continue to put our trust and confidence in those who are willing to be proponents of Satan's plans.

May God have mercy on our souls, and may His day come soon.

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