Wednesday, March 26, 2008

mind wandering

Have the people of the United States of America lost their moral compass?

Early in the history of the USA, Christians formed universities to train people to be ministers of the gospel. Nearly every university had a cross on the highest located spire.

An earlier minister, made a statement along the lines of:

In the beginning, universities had a cross on the highest point of their buildings to show the direction the training was oriented toward. Today, it seems those crosses have been replaced by weather vanes, that also reflects the direction the training is oriented toward.

The laws of this country were originally predicated on the Mosaic Law. Today, we find the courts outlawing the Ten Commandments; the basis for our system of laws.

Early on in the establishing of this great country, Christians, formed hospitals, for the purpose of isolating the ill, and increasing the possibility of recovering and living a lengthy life. For the first time in recorded history the life expectancy in this country far exceeded any other country. The infant death rate was reduced considerably. Today, we have the term "iatrogenic", to identify diseases caused by the doctor. Perhaps not so much by the doctor, but the atmosphere of the "clinical" setting. I am continually amazed to find out someone went into the hospital with severe flu symptoms, or pneumonia and while there contracted a staph infection. Which could not be brought unter control and the person died.

According to the current news outlets, Chrisianity, and to some extent, Judaism is a threat to life and liberty. For too many years now, God and Jesus Christ have found their main usage as cursing, and epithets.

Well, where is this leading us?

When we erase the Judeo and Christian reality of this country, we leave ourself open to whatever other belief system may be available. It is impossible to live in a moral vacuum. It just cannot be done. So, when we drop the laws because we can no longer accept the Mosaic Law, then we get anarchy, and, well, there cannot be any crime if there are no laws defining crime. Is that really what we want for this country?

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