Monday, March 24, 2008

Day after Easter

Well, it is Monday, yesterday was Easter Sunday.

As I look out the patio door, I can see the sun is shining brightly, nary a cloud in the sky, and the birds are chirping {singing?}.

Easter presents us with the understanding of new life. Most of the snow is gone now, I guess I could say that is a new beginning.

The earth and the world are rejoicing in the newness of life, and I wonder, do we take the time from our feasting on Easter dinner, hunting hidden eggs, and consuming chocolate to see if our own life is recognizing a new beginning?

What would that mean, to see a new beginning in my life?

Many of us, during the month, or final weeks, of December spend a considerable amount of time producing a list of resolutions aimed at our life making a difference in the new year. Sadly, many of these resolutions are forgotten by the second week of the new year.

In the Christian tradition, the forty day period leading up to Easter is a time to refrain from something that is prime in our life. We do this in the hope of finding a reason to no longer place the emphasis on that something that we had previously. In the scheme of things, this would allow us to recognize how much benefit we have received from that something in the past, and whether it is still beneficial.

See how that would bring a sense of a new beginning to our life?

We could either recognize the something is still mostly beneficial to us, and continue with a renewed sense of why it is important. On the other hand, we might recognize that it really is no longer a benefit, and has become a liability; to which end we could willingly give it up, knowing we really will not be missing it.

Once again, we see the new beginning.

My wish is that each of us, would be able on this one day of the year, to recognize in our own life, a new beginning, and look forward to tomorrow as the first day of the rest of our life.

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