Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This is A W E S O M E ! !

The Isaacs' won the Dove for Country Album of the Year (Big Sky), their first-ever win in the "Country" category.

Lily Isaacs states, "We were so thrilled and excited to win the Country Album of the Year because this was our first opportunity to stretch our wings further into the country music field, thanks to the support of Gaither Music Group and the help of Mark Bright, who is such an amazing producer in country music.

We are proud of the album and we're very humbled by the fact that our industry recognized the artistry Mark helped us create on this album. We were proud to be a part of it, let alone receive an award for it!"

From: Gaither Homecoming (newsletter@gaither.com) Tue 4/29/08 3:27 PM

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