Friday, April 18, 2008

Still tired...

Zendo Deb comes through again with a splendid article

Since I am already on record regarding gummint reducing taxes and reducing spending; I have an interesting idea to assist the con-gress in this endeavor.

It is undeniable, that the Presidential candidates are against gun ownership by private citizens for self-protection, and protection of private property.

It is also, recognizable that a number in con-gress are also against private gun ownership.

My Marine Corps training emphasized leaders leading from the front.

Con-gress, and the President are undeniably the leaders of this great nation.

Therefore, it would behoove con-gress and the President to remove Secret Service agents from protecting them, since they carry weapons for protection.

Additionally, all armed guards at the White House, and the con-gressional buildings should be immediately removed.

To my military mind, this should be an outstanding demonstration of faith in not needing protection.

Look at all the money con-gress would be able to save by removing all the secret service agents and the guards.

Now, I believe I could get behind a leader, or leaders, that would be willing to lead from the front.

Poli still = many
tics still = blood suckers

Pro is still the opposite of con; begging the question, is con-gress the opposite of pro-gress?

Yes, I am still tired of all the meaningless rhetoric coming out of elected officials mouths...


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