Monday, April 14, 2008

Late day thinking

Looking out my patio door, there is a strip of grassy land about a block long.

Residing in this grassy location are a bunch of little critters... can't think of what they are called, but I think locals refer to them as ground squirrels.

Anyway, they live in the ground, and come up topside to eat. They scurry around pretty quickly. You look out and see one, and all of a suddent it is ten feet farther away. They are pretty fast.

Which causes me to think of the term "fast food".

There is a young hawk, still think it looks more like an eagle, that I have seen out here periodically chowing down on something.

And tonite, I finally realized the bird has gotten some fast food.
While watching, the bird, obviously "eating in" my neighbor stepped out on his patio, which is more out in the open than mine, and when the bird saw him, decided to take his meal "to go", and flew off.
What a wonderful world we live in...

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