Sunday, April 13, 2008

Leisure time

A friend invited me to join him at a UIF football game last night.

I have been a fan of football for over fifty years... this is the first time I have ever watched an indoor football game.

Considering the field is basically half of a "football" field, and the teams are much smaller, I still enjoyed watching.

I like football, because I like to watch men utilize strategy, and do what they can to move the football down the field.

I love to watch a good running back, half back or full back, grab the ball and run, straight for the line... and the really good ones, will find that hole, or jink, or stutter step, and leave their tacklers lying in their dust. Yeah!, that is good.

Overall, I enjoyed watching the game...

Sadly, the game was played indoors, and the volume on the speakers was turned up to mega decible. My ears still hurt, and ring.

Perhaps, I am getting old, and crotchety; but I have a really hard time understanding why the public address system has to be so loud.

Sure, I understand the concept of the "additional" man on defense by making a lot of noise to distract the offense.

But the thought came to me last night; these teams are aware that they play "inside" auditoriums. They are aware that there is going to be lots of noise when they are the visiting team on offense. Duh, they build this into their plays.

Well, It was an interesting experience...I still am not enamored enough to forsake the NFL and go over to the UIF. Gonna take more than one game to win me over.

But saying all that, our home team did win, handily...

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