Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tireder n tireder

As I was looking around the blogosphere today, I realized that just about every blog has at least one post, if not multiple posts, regarding B. Hussein Obama... except for Mamacita, gotta love her, she don't get caught up in that garbage, and that is a big reason why I really love her blog and mind.

As I was sitting here roaming through the internet, I was reminded of the time, a few years ago, when Rush Limbaugh used to say on his radio program, "NO OJ, NONE OF THE TIME" or words to that effect.

Remember? It sure didn't take long to get tired of 24/7 news coverage of the white SUV driving along and being followed by the policia and the gnus media. Back then we were inundated with OJ coverage...a lot like what we are experiencing today with B. Hussein Obama coverage. Is there any doubt in anybody's mind why news outlets are feeling the crunch of loss of viewership?


OK Scotty, beam me up...


Katherine Aucoin said...

I know hearing about obama is a necessary evil, but I an over it.

gunnyPink said...

I apologize for the oversight... Katherine at has also not been reporting on B. Hussein O.
Katherine has my utmost respect and admiration even tho I can't hold a candle to her cooking