Friday, July 25, 2008

Any which way but loose

Well, the local newspaper is jumping out with their poll this morning.

"In light of her recent pregnancy announcement, do you believe Stephanie Herseth Sandlin will run for governor of South Dakota in 2010?"

I really don't think she will run for governor, cuz I think she will jockey to get herself into the running for the Senate.

I really am not so sure that Tim Johnson is going to run for reelection, and since Stephanie has name recognition, she IS a little step ahead of anyone else who would like to run for the seat.

As of 8:06 am the results are 46.8% - yes, and 53.2% - no.

Only time will tell, but I really don't think she will be content to just run for governor, when she has a real good chance of getting into the senate.

Like all good liberals, she is more into power than appearances.

Remember, the way the wind is blowing in this country lately, state gummints are being relegated to back seat status by the federal gummint.

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