Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My two sense worth at twice the price

Sense one, we are experiencing an unprecedented run for power from all levels of elected officials; both in office and those running for office.

Sense two, we are seeing an unprecedented aversion to Christianity from all levels of elected officials and the main streem media.

As Christians, we recognize we have no intrinsic power. We choose, instead, to acknowledge God as the ultimate power in the universe.

The defining moment in a Christian's life is when he realizes, and admits, that he cannot change who he is, or what he does, and chooses to trust God to change him, and make him what he could be.

Alcoholics Annonymous (AA) has had an enormous impact on alcoholics' out-of-control behavior by encouraging followers to recognize that they are out-of-control, and have no power to stop or control their drinking.

Contrast this with what we find in so many people today. There are people who realize they are powerless over themselves, and in order to assuage their guilt, demand that others change their ways.

An argument could be made that someone could feel better about theirself, and their powerlessness by refusing another to choose how they will live their life.

The key to helping a drowning man, is to grab him from behind, basically, in a head lock, because when you are drowning, and you cannot help yourself, you will grab and flounder around, and could possibly cause your rescuer to drown while trying to save you.

Following that line, in order to save a drowning person, the person must relinquish all power, and ability to do anything, and turn theirself over to the person who is trying to save them.

When I acknowledge God, I recognize my powerlessness, and my inablitiy to change who I am. On the other hand, when I deny God, I deny my powerlessness, and do all I can to prove I am powerful.

Now, I am getting a little better perspective on why there are so many people supporting the nanny state in this country.

I find it sad, that this great country was founded on Christian principles; and today, we have elected officials, and those seeking elected office, denying God, and denying God's involvement in the formation of this great country.

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