Friday, July 25, 2008

Morning random thots

It is Friday morning, starting off cool, with scattered rain showers...gotta be close to heaven.

The sky is beginning to clear, now, so, looks like I may be able to get my walk in later this morning.

With mornings like this, it is difficult to think of globull warmen as reality.

You know, my son graduated from college with a degree in chemistry, and a minor in medicine.

While he was in college I asked him once about his studies in chemistry.

He responded that every living organism on this planet has carbon as an integral ingredient: including man and animals.

For us to remove all carbon from the earth, is impossible...again, for those who feel this is the way to go, I only ask that they demonstrate their fidelity to their belief, and be the first to remove their carbon foot-print...perhaps, their zealouness will influence the rest of us to follow suit.

N. O. T. !

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