Sunday, June 22, 2008


These are the books I have most recently read.
I did enjoy each of them.

Shadow Command, Dale Brown.
The Book of the Dead, Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child.
Nothing to Lose, Lee Child.
The Scorpion's Gate, Richard A. Clarke.
Let us Pray, Watchman Nee.
Life's Supreme Choices, R. T. Williams.
The Mind of Jesus, William Barclay., Tom Clancy & Marin Greenberg.
See You Later Alligator, William F. Buckley, Jr.

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Kenan said...

That's great dad. I have read and own all the Lee Child, Reacher books, and I echo your sentiment, they are very well written and easy to read. I have also read The Book of the Dead, and some of the other books of both Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. I have also read some of Dale Brown's earlier books, and in my opinion he builds a great plot, and draws you in very well, but often has trouble putting together an ending that does it justice, in my humble, but undisputable opinion.