Thursday, June 26, 2008

Randomly thimkin

Every where you look today, there is talk about the Supreme Court's decision on DC's gun ban law.

To my military mind, any time a government wants to take away the right of people to protect themselves and their property, there is foul play underfoot, and the citizenry can never benefit from the laws.

I am truly surprised to find actual citizens of this country do not believe that taking away citizen's rights from someone, will eventually affect everyone.

Today, we are seeing the deleterious effect of eminent domain.

There was a time in this country's history, when the proponents of taking away someone's property would have been met with self-defense.

And, today, we just drop trou and bend over, and let the elected officials do whatever trips their trigger... OOOOOPPPPPsssss was that a bad analogy?

We got wealthy landowners that just got con-gress to pass a ridiculous farm bill.
Why would they want this bill? So they can draw money off the taxpayer.

Are people really so stupid that they believe the government will continue to take care of them forever?

What is even more amazing is the number of people who think government has unlimited funds. Sheesh!! How stupid can you be?

Poli-tic-ians talk about raising taxes to meet the government budget, and stupid people vote for them, not realizing that there is a point of diminishing returns.

We are currently in the era, that is discussed as having the largest group of people becoming eligible for retirement.

Many of them will realize for probably the first time, that you are taxed on any retirement income, including Sosh Security... How is that for a blatant, in-your-face, screw you situation?

How long are we gonna continue to allow this kind of extortion?

Scotty, I'm still waitin for the beam.

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