Thursday, June 26, 2008

Taken it ez

Well, time and tide wait for no man, and lo and behold, it is Thursday already... my last post was on Monday.

"How time flies when you are having fun!"

The last coupla days have been pretty humid. Thus, I look forward to the day being over, which makes time fly ever more.

Have been enjoying watching the babies getting around outside my apartment.
First it was the baby blackbirds and robbins, following the older birds around waiting for food to be stuck in their beak.

Now, they are foraging around on their own, getting their own food, and doing a lot flying and chirping.

Next out was the rabbits; the really tiny ones followed the older ones and stopped to nibble here and there; but mostly they scampered away into hiding at the slightest noise.

Then came the little ground critters, I mean these things were soooo tiny. They would slink through the grass, looking for food; and occasionally one of them would get really feisty and start chasing another one around, when the one would stop the other one would bump or jump on, then the race would be on again.

Over the years I have heard that the way to catch a squirrel is to climb up in a tree and act like a nut.

Well, yesterday this squirrel came loping across the grass, and scampered up a tree, then jumped over to the tree growing beside it.

Then it turned upside down and raced down the tree.

Upon landing, it jumped a few feet and rolled over on its back in the grass like a dog would do.

Then it was up again, jumping back onto the tree, this time scampering up to a small branch sticking out.

Seemed to test the branch, and then dropped to the ground, about six feet.

Whereupon it once again jumped onto the tree and started climbing up, only to reverse climb, and scurry down, then reverse again, going up.

Got to watch this show for about twenty minutes, when the squirrel jumped down and loped off across the grass.

I suppose someone might say, "It don't take much to entertain small minds."
Well, it was entertaining; and I guess you just had to be there.

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