Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thank You Lord

Thank You, Lord,
for the whispering,
whistling wind
that shows,
and echoes
Your presence
in the shaking
of trees,
the rustling
of leaves,
and the swaying
of blades of grass,
in the fierce
fanning of flames
that lick the sky
in the billowing
of black smoke
and then
clearing the air
and showing through
the glory of the sun
but also
ushering in
the rain clouds
that wash away
the blackness
and death
to reveal, again,
Your healing,
creating presence
as life returns
in the growth
of new trees
and grass
where Your presence
again is felt
in the whispering
whistling wind
that kisses the earth
and touches
all living things
with Your life
and changing power.
Thank You, God
for Your presence.

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