Friday, July 18, 2008

Cognitive dissonance to the nth power

Let me see if I have this right...

Every democrat poli-tic-ian is bragging they are going to increase taxes after the election; and they want gasoline to be over four dollars a gallon.

Common thought is repubs are going to lose big, senate, house and white house, meaning, to my military mind, the dems will be able to get just what they want.

What's wrong with this picture?

Have the people of this great country, really gotten to the point of being stupid, or ignorant?

So, the common argument seems to be; Well in France they have to pay more for gasoline...So what? If you like the prices they are paying, move to France.

My ancestors moved to this country to get away from being like the rest of Europe...they stayed here in this country because they liked living where you were only limited by your own energy...not government.

Today I heard on the radio that the dem leadership is working on a law that will require government to oversee commodity trading...

Yeah, well, you get exactly what you want.

You be stupid, or ignorant enuff to vote for arrogant SOB's who want to take away all yore liberty and freedom, and you really believe you will be a lot happier becuz gummint gonna make every body equal?

Well, it has been a lot of years since the plight of the commies has been on the news. Look at all the goody-goody looks we get at the chicoms. No way do we get to look at the poverty, or the prisoners, instead we get to see the workers making all these fine items we can buy here in this country.

Well, I sed it before, and I guess I will continue to say it: I have a lot more years behind me, then I have left in this life. That is the selfish aspect.

I have two children who are just coming into their prime earning and living years, who are going to lose the most.

When a people, a nation, a land, no longer acknowledges God Almighty, and no longer looks to God for guidance, they have lost their moral compass, and just like a weather vane they turn whichever way the wind will blow.

It is no mystery, that this country was founded on the principle that God had brought us together to enjoy life and freedom; freedom from gummint intrusion, freedom to do what is laid on our heart, freedom to be the best we can be, freedom to own property, and freedom to defend ourself, and our property.

Well, when it is gone, it will be gone...

There will be no second chance at getting it right.

Oh, gracious and long suffering LORD, have mercy on us.

Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

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