Monday, July 14, 2008

Is it is, or is it ain't?

45% of the votes in the Argus poll believe President Bush is responsible for high gas prices. To my military mind, I truly wonder, how can they believe that?

Only con-gress has the authority to levy taxes... the President ain't got nothing to do with that...

It is con-gress that has refused to allow us to drill for our own oil...

It is con-gress that is enjoying a less than 10% approval rating across the nation.

It is con-gress that authors the laws that we have to abide by.

Yeah, I forgot, that is all substance...con-gress works only on symbolism...

How else can the ACLU fight against the principles that formed this great country, and get funding from con-gress?

Didn't someone say, once, that a fool is born every minute?

I wonder if there is some amount of in-breeding going on here in the United States.

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