Thursday, April 10, 2008

Shameless plug

Just wanted to say, I am listening to The Isaacs on cd.

Happened to be watching a Gaither video on one of the cable channels a while back, and saw The Isaacs perform.

Well, I did get to see them in person down in Branson, MO last month, and was truly awed.

They are a family, mother, son, and two daughters who perform southern gospel, and some blue grass.

The mother, Lilly, has an awesome testimony of how she has gone from Germany, to New York, and to Tennessee.

They have a really great sound, and I still have not gotten tired of listening to them.

Did I say, I have just about every cd they have put out?

They recently played in Norway, and Gaither enterprises video taped the performance.

It is also great.

That's all.

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