Friday, March 21, 2008

Newspaper poll

The Yankton Press & Dakotan is running a poll asking the question: "Which political party do you think can better handle the economy?"

In all honesty, I believe the Republican party is better equipped to handle the economy...however, in the past ten years or so it appears the Republican party is no longer concerned about the economy.

Perhaps, our elected members of the Republican party have finally realized what the Democrats have known for eons...want to keep your office, fight for money to be given to your state.

Every new tax, is a bane to the economy. And apparently the Republican elected officials are right there ready to enact new taxes; and support giving mediocre tax rebates to make us think they are concerned about the economy and the citezenry.

How sad to find the small government Republican leaders are more interested in big government.

To my military mind, corruption in government is not a result of the lobbyists, per se, as much as it is the desire of elected officials to demand more money from the people they are supposed to be governing for.

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