Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Eating on the town

Cassy at has a post up about eating out, and awareness of servers.

I think she has laid out her case very well, and spoken well of both sides of the table in a restaurant...

I have no problem with her ideas, nor her rounded up tip suggestion.

I would only add that when a server walks by my table and sees my coffee, or tea, is empty, I appreciate it when they ask if I would like a refill. So often they walk by, and I never see them again until it is time for the bill or the desert tray. Yes, it is frustrating to get up in a restaurant and walk over to the servers area to get a cup of coffee. If I have to take care of that myself, then what do I need a server for?

Aside from that, I always tip my server, unless they have been nasty with me, and ignored me.

Thanks Cassy for the input.

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