Saturday, March 22, 2008

Global warming follow up

Well, it is Saturday morning; the day before Easter, and it is snowing...

I am trying with extreme difficulty, and prejudice, to understand how global warming is creating all the cold weather and snow.

The Canadian Clipper's are still just as cold as I remember them, and snow is still cold and wet.

I understand the ice at the poles is melting, but, how can that be when the weather coming down from the north is so cold? Shouldn't we be getting warm winds instead of cold?

Seems to my military mind that today is filled with cognitive dissonance [I really like that term] from the people who are supposed to keep us up to date on events and activities.

Thirty or forty years ago, I might have attributed this cognitive dissonance to the items being eaten or smoked; but what is happening today? I kinda wonder if the Weather Channel has taken the place of test patterns on the TV.

Ooops, that brings up another thought, there really is a lot of junk on the television today that could be a replacement for the test pattern. In order to watch TV anymore, seems like a person needs to be blitzed...

May God have mercy on our souls.

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