Saturday, November 22, 2008

Today in history...

Mostly Cajun reminds us that 45 years ago, President John F. Kennedy was killed; he says he was in the eighth grade math class.

I remember, as if it was just yesterday: I just finished qualifying on the rifle range in boot camp. I was on the 500 yard line, when I jumped up and shouted, "I did it!"

Then someone yelled, "shut up!! The President was just shot."

Then I realized that the DIs and the PMIs were standing near the center of the firing line listening to a radio.

Later, after returning to the depot, we were in the rec room, time for letter writing and wind down debrief.

Our junior DI, CPL Rizzi, spoke to us about the incident, and presented some interesting methods of dealing with the perpetrator.

Who could have known, that the assassination of the President would give us such a large step into socialism?

Yeah, I remember, just like it was yesterday!

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