Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Should I/we be concerned? Here we are in the 21st century, and poli-tic-al pundits are telling Christians how they should be living.


The crux of Christianity, as I understand it, has to do with turning the world upside down.

History is replete with stories of Christians taking governments to task.

The dirty little secret, that pundits try to keep hidden from the citizenry is that this great country was founded on the principle that God had led.

This country was founded upon the ideal of personal ownership of property, of the individual's right under God to be the best they could be.

Over the years, many have expressed the idea that gummint was the problem and not the solution... and here we are a coupla centuries down the road, and we are being told that we are the problem, and that only gummint has the solution.


Have we not learned yet, that gummint cain't do nothing good? How much clearer do it need to be for people to see that gummint running our lives is like the inmates running the assylum?

Oh, yeah, the Bible speaks to sluggards, and how they can influence those around them if given enough time.

It goes way beyond any comprehensive ability of my military mind to figure out why anybody living in this country would want to change her. She is the greatest nation to ever traverse the pages of history; and some wish to make her no more than ashes on the ashheap of history for the desire to be like everyone else.


So many of our ancestors left Europe to get away from oppressive gummint, and to be able to live a life well able to pursue life, liberty and happiness.

How sad that there are people who have come to hate this way of life. I don't understand it; but I do understand that if you don't have to work for what you get, and you know that someone is ready and willing to give you whatever you want, you will relinquish your individual power, to not have to lift a hand.

How pitiful the people of this nation have become... soon there will be no body to provide income for the gummint, cuz everybody will be expecting the gummint to take care of them, and then, there will be no more.

You never realize how sweet something is, until you give it up, and realize you will never have it again.

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