Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ranting n raving again

This morning's Argus online poll asks: "Do you support a second stimulus package?"

Here we go again...supposedly conservative South Dakota responds with (at 5:15 am) 62% yes; 38% no.

I really would like to find out just where these people think this money is coming from...


Even better yet, here is my idea of a "stimulus package".

Reduce taxes, immediately, by 35 to 50 percent. Let us have the money in our pocket, and that will stimulate the economy in more ways than one.

Reduce con-gressional pay by two-thirds, immediately. Why does a con-gress critter need that kind of money anyway?

Repeal con-gress' non-participatory retirement program. The founding Fathers never anticipated having career poli-tic-ians in the government.

Unfederalize department of education. This is supposed to be a state thing anyway.

Suspend all federal gummint social spending. Let the lobbyists depend on encouraging the people to support their programs and ideas, not the con-gress critters who have no qualms about giving away other people's money.

Do away with the National Endowment for the Arts as a budget line item. Let the people who wish to further the arts in this country support it.

Privatize NPR and PBS, allow them to be user supported like the rest of the air waves.

Privatize social security, take it completely out of the hands of gummint bureaucrats.

And, you know what would really be a stimulus?

Make the inheritance tax retroactive to when the federal gummint started. Yes, let's go and get our pound of flesh from the fat cats, whose families amassed their fortune before the socialist/communist taxation began.

And then, let's just let the American people do what they do best...take care of themselves, and those around them.

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