Saturday, October 25, 2008

Polls, damn polls

This morning's fare on the front page of online Argus Leader definitely shows the bias of the left leaning mindset, with a poll that asks the question:

"Do you think a new president can turn the economy around?"

As per usual, the question is posed incorrectly... the question should be asked:

"Do you think a new president can have an affect on the economy?"

Think about it...

Ronald Reagan showed us how the economy could rebound by reducing taxes. Unfortunately, con-gress increased social spending to outstrip any benefit gained by the tax reduction, and today, President Reagan is reviled as having grown the deficit.

Jimmy Carter showed us how a president could affect the economy. If you lived through his presidency, you will remember well.

B Hussein O has promised to raise taxes, PERIOD!

He is on record as saying he would like gasoline to cost $5.00 a gallon at the pump.

He has put us on notice that he is inclined to redistribute wealth, so the non-producers have as much as the producers.

How long will it be, when O Hussein becomes president before those of us who do, decide not to do anymore?

Well, I guess the president has some impact on the economy, but the nasty little secret that no one wants to discuss is how much con-gress critters affect the economy.

In ten days we will learn how our future will be playing out.

Will we continue to be a country where everyone has the possibility of being the best they can be, and bettering themselves and their environment; or will we become another good idea that has become another layer on the ash heap of history?

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